August 1, 2018

DIY [Faux] Barnwood Frame

This post has been sitting in draft form in my archives for 4 years, I think it's ready for its debut considering I no longer own any of the items in these photos, or even the cat in the impromptu shot far below. It seems like life changes so quickly these days and we have just announced we're going to Italy for a year! We've travelled the US for the last three years and I can't imagine slowing down. So it's full steam ahead to Europe for us. We plan to spend 12 months travel the whole of Italy. I really need your help and advice, because I am terrible at planning trips!
Now this project was one of the first things I made myself with my brand new wood stain! I took ordinary fence posts from home Depot and created my faux barnwood frames. Here's how to do it!


1.] WOOD: Figure out how much wood you will need. I bought the cheapest wood I could find, cedar fence posts from Home Depot, and made 16" frame.

2.] Measure your lengths and mark your 45 degree angles for cutting.

3.] Rabbet is the cut that allows your picture to inset, this is done with a router and edge guide or table saw.
4.] Cut your miters, the 45 degree angles to fit your frame together.

4.] STAIN: I stained the wood before I cut it, but I would recommend waiting until after you make your cuts. You can see a before and after with Reclamation stain, you just brush it on and let it air dry naturally to achieve the barnwood look.

5.] GLUE: I used titebond wood glue to glue up my frame corners.

Isn't that pretty? I made a bunch of these a few years ago and sold them with my prints like you see here. Such a easy project once you've done it once.

Don't forget to leave your Italy tips for me! I need your help!

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