April 4, 2018

Farmhouse Pedestal Table

I'm writing this on Easter morning. Zack and I are in the Seattle area, and so, I am listening to the sound of Seattle rain. This year is a little more tender, we had to put our sweet pup, Beau Dog, down on Friday. It was unexpected. As my dogs are the only kids I've ever had, it's been a mournful weekend. All of us miss him terribly and having a loss on Good Friday made me grateful for Easter and all it means. Although we aren't by family here, we have our Easter rituals to lean on. We like to read the scriptures about resurrection, to go to church, to watch the 10 Commandments & Passion of the Christ. I hope you get to celebrate with your loved ones.
You guys will love how was it it to get this look! You can build a doulgas fir project or you can create the look on a old table, that's ready for a makeover.



1.]  STRIP EXISTING FINISH: If your wood is brand new, jump to number 2!] Either use sandpaper a low grit sandpaper like 80 grit and a palm sander. Or you can use a liquid/gel stripper like Citristrip to remove the existing finish.

2.] STAIN: When the wood is stripped down to raw wood, you can use an atomized gun to apply your stain. First, pour it through a strainer and then you can pour it into your atomized gun. You'll want to spray it on the wood in overlapping motions, making sure to drench the wood.

3.] For stain we choose Salvage stain from Weatherwood. This will give you a light weathered look, light grays and warm tones.  The wood will dry in about 30 minutes, see in the below video.

4.] LIGHTEN & SEAL: We applied White Maintenance Oil to add the look of patina to the wood. It's  a wipe on and wipe off application. Brush or wipe on, then allow it to penetrate wood for 5-7 minutes, then wipe off excess.

That's all there was to it. Just strip it and stain it, lighten or darken it and you're done.  If you have any  questions, leave'm in the comments below. 

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