December 6, 2017

Stunning Reclaimed Cypress Countertop

Hope you guys are keeping warm this December, the weather in Sicily has been amazing! Thanksgiving was a "balmy" 61 degrees and this time last year it was 42! For the holiday we walked the town square and popped into the Catania Cathedral, final resting place of St Agatha.

Here's the gorgeous view from the top of the Duomo, looking towards the sea.  The stairwell reminds me of castles in Whales. Then below with Mt Etna, that active volcano I told you about, smoking in the distance.

 Here's our big splurge for the holiday. We went to a very nice bakery and basically ordered one of everything-well, almost! Yup, it was delicious! Let me know if you have any desert questions, I can make recommendations. :)

 his year, our clients are looking for a warmer gray brown. Fortunately for us, and for them, we have products that can do that. I'll show you how to get the perfect gray brown look.



1.] We began this project with a brand new cypress countertop. This was a custom project, but you could easily make this a DIY project. Just create a planked wood top and add some trim around the edges. I bet Anna White even has bar specs on her site.  
If you have a counter in your home that you'd like to transform, there are plenty of tutorials on my site for how to strip an existing finish off pre-stained wood. But for raw wood, the project is that much easier. You can give the wood piece a light sand, to ensure the wood will take the stain evenly. 120 grit will work just fine for that. 

2.] Stain wood with Weatherwood Stain's Salvage wood stain. You should apply this product with a sponge brush, let it dry naturally. Do not wipe it back off. As the wood stain dries, the wood becomes oxidized and it turns a beautiful warm gray brown. You can see this for yourself, in the above video.

3.] To protect the wood, you can use our Varnish topcoat, this was our Satin sheen. Apply 2-3 coats for superior protection.

Miss you guys! 

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