July 19, 2017

Rustic Cherry Kitchen Custom Reface

A lot of us have old, outdated cabinets and when they're in terrible physical shape, it's a no brainer. Replace the whole thing! But what do you do when the cabinets are solid wood or pretty new but ugly, not your style, or replacing is not in the budget? A cabinet reface is a great choice for any of those options. A reface can include either new doors & re-stained boxes or just re-staining both the doors and boxes. This cherry kitchen was a reface and it looks like 100% custom job now!



1.]  STRIP EXISTING FINISH: If your wood is brand new, jump to number 2!] On this job, the red cedar ceiling has already stained with a white wash oil stain, but not a cool 2016 white wash, instead it was a dated 80's white wash. You can check it below. When the wood for this project had an existing finish on it, you should sand or strip it. Either use sand it with a low grit sandpaper like 80 grit and a palm sander. Or you can use a liquid/gel stripper like Citristrip to remove the existing finish.

2.] STAIN: When the wood is stripped down to raw wood, you can use an atomized gun to apply your stain. First, pour it through a strainer and then you can pour it into your atomized gun. You'll want to spray it on the wood in overlapping motions, making sure to drench the wood.
For stain we choose Salvage stain from Weatherwood. This will give you a light weathered look, light grays and warm tones.  The wood will dry in about 30 minutes, see in the below video.

4.] SEAL: To seal the cabinetry use Weatherwood Stain's Varnish and decide how much sheen you want. This is Satin Varnish and it's applied the same way as normal varnish, either brush it on or spray it on. Applying up to three coats for the best protection. Spraying is usually faster and will give such professional looking results. 

I don't think anyone would feel these guys skimped on style. This kitchen looks high-end, custom, and like major bucks were spent. Can't you just see this working in your home? That way you can spend more on the waterfall granite or those high-end appliances.

If you liked this stain using Salvage, you'll love the warm brown and gray tones on cedar.

Didn't the ceiling turn out dreamy? I hope to see some photos when the rest of the space is complete. It's going to be amaze balls! If you have any  questions, leave'm in the comments below. 
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