June 28, 2017

Rustic Modern Cherry Fireplace

The metal frame for this gorgeous fireplace was custom fabricated, but I can tell you how to get this incredible color! This fireplace was made from the hardwood, cherry. You can use cherry for anything from hardwood floors, to furniture, to accent pieces like this. It was more commonly used several decades ago, so this post would be great for your old hardwood floors. 



  • WOOD: To achieve this color you will need the wood species CHERRY. With the reactive wood stain I use, each wood species will turn a different color. The wood should be raw and this is made from simple 2x4s. 

  • SEAL: Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to open up the wood. You're just trying to get the wood sanded enough that it will accept the stain evenly.
  • STAIN: Higher grades of wood will be a darker gray, while rustic wood (B grade or "cheaper grades") will be lighter shades and the sap wood will hold its original tone. Use a large brush and drench the wood with stain. Let the wood air dry.

  • TOPCOAT: Weatherwood is a stain, not a topcoat, so you'll need to seal the wood. I recommend using Weatherwood Varnish topcoat to hold this beautiful gray.

You can see the beautiful stained cherry turned a rustic gray against a raw piece of cherry. This project is so simple, staining and dry time will only take 20 minutes! That's so much faster than normal stains, and the results will be so much prettier. I love how the grain shows through, with all the light and dark grays.

Now, what do you think? Can you see a use for this in your home?

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