January 11, 2017

Country Dresser Upcycle


Hello dear friends. Zack and I have just arrived in the Florida Keys and it's windy and cold, well it's 68 degrees! I hope you're staying cozy and warm during this insane cold front. It hasn't been nice to our stain deliveries, that's for sure. I think you'll like the country dresser makeover. It's just precious. 
 To achieve this look you'll start with a piece of cherry furniture. 



Step 1] Sand: If you want to create the driftwood look, you will need to sand off the existing finish. Use the 80 grit sandpaper on your sander. Sand in the direction of the grain. You can also sand with 120, if you need to smooth the wood a little.

Step 2.] Stain: Apply the stain with a sponge brush and drench the wood. Allow the wood to absorb the stain as it dries. Do not apply and wipe off.

Raw Cherry
Cherry + Salvage Stain
Step 3.] Warm" To enhance the wood's natural color, you can use Clear Maintenance Oil. This will bring out the wood's natural warmth. You can see the difference between stained wood (above) and after the clear oil has been applied.


Step 4.] Paint: Apply chalky or furniture paint to the base of the table. This is your best option for paint, so that the paint doesn't need to be removed. Going from a wood tone to white, you may need to apply tow coats. 

Step 5.] Gloat- Sit back and gloat, cause you've just given a piece of furniture a new life!

Thanks for stopping in. I would love to see you tomorrow at the Handmade Hangout!

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