November 2, 2016

RV Farmhouse Makeover Mood Board

Hello, dear friends. I've been so excited to share my plans for our RV makeover and to show you what I have in mind. As I wrap up my time in Boston, I had a little time to put together these mood boards. I believe I'd mentioned, when I showed you the tour of our little traveling home, that my goal is to create the feel of a Tiny Home, while maintaining the practicalities of a RV.

The living room and kitchen are all one space, and the whole RV has cream floors, ceilings, and counters. So anything I do needs to work that. I plan to create the look of shiplap, to trick the eye and made the space feel more like a home than a vehicle. Many of the selections will be white or cream, to help the feeling is space and airiness, including the draperies throughout the entire space patterned after these from Anthro.

Because the space is very small with a ton of cabinets around the entire space, I think a very light gray will work. I've chosen less expensive rugs and furniture, since an RV is not your home and I don't think I would put the same quality furnishings in it. You want to be able to relax and play in a RV. So sofa is will patterned after the Taravel from Crate and Barrel. But the chairs are from Overstock and Target. 

The bedroom has very little wallspace, so I think I will do a faux wainscotting and then potentially a dark shade, like this navy, for the top 1/4 of the wall. The RV has two bathrooms, the master opens entirely to the bedroom, so the two spaces need to make sense individually and as one. Of course, the bedroom will have more gray cabinetry, but I think something bold in the bathroom would be fun and look quite lovely against the Anthro wallpaper I an obsessed with. All the rugs were from Rugs USA and all the linens from Anthro.

So there we are, a sweet little farmhouse on wheels. I've just completed my first little DIY, so you will see that shortly. But the major painting will not begin for another month or two. I can't wait for that- since it will have the largest effect. 

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