October 12, 2016

DIY Weathered Wood Frame

Hey lovely friends! We are Boston for the second week and I finally got to work on a project for ME! What a luxury. I'll put that post together for you soon. In the meantime, we are running around trying to take in the sights while we work this area. This week's post is from blogger Emily, at Table and Hearth. She worked up this lovely watercolor and DIY frame. For the watercolor post DIY, pop over to Emily's blog. You can see it turned out lovely.


  • Strips of Raw Wood- this is Red Oak

  • Compound Saw or  Miter Box
  • Picture Hanging Kit

  • Wood Glue

  • Sandpaper, Paint Brushes

  • Weatherwood's Restoration Stain


    1.] WOOD: Here's how you can get the look, first make sure you begin with sanded wood. This project use red oak. For sanding, 80 grit sandpaper will do the best job.

    2.] STAIN: Use a wide paint brush to apply Weatherwood's Restoration stain. The stain is reactive, so apply a heavy coat and allow the wood to absorb it. As the wood dries, it will turn colors. You can apply this stain in layers, to get it darker with each step. 

    3. MITER CUT: After cutting your 45 degree miter corners the inside of the frame material will be the perfect dimension to fit your photo. A miter box and saw is the easiest way to cut miters, but you can use a compound miter saw too.

    4. GLUE: Simply glue up your edges and then apply clamps to allow the wood to dry. Wood glue is most common for this. I love how Emily used the thinner sides of the wood as the frame, to create a deep frame instead of a thick one.

    5. HARDWARE: Attach the brackets for your picture hanging it. 

    Didn't it turn out lovely? You will love Emily's blog and her watercolor tutorial. please stop by and show her some love. Thanks for stopping in and I'll see you tomorrow!

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