September 21, 2016

Our RV "BEFORE" Pics

Last fall Zack and I purchased this mammoth beast of a RV for all the business traveling we do. In 2015 we were traveling 9 months out of 12. In 2016, it's been 7 out of 9! Finding a RV in good shape, with a lot of life left in it was a story in and of itself, but suffice to say, after many RVs fell through we settled on this beaut. It's Holiday Rambler, is called a Diesel Pusher and mechanically it's top of the line with a Cummings engine. Basically, the engine just breaks in at 150,000 miles, it's that good. Ours is now only at 60K now, so we're not even close to breaking it in yet.

When you buy a RV you can get them with "slide outs" where portions of the vehicle extend to give you more space. While you travel, it's the width of a city bus. But when we're stopped the Rambler has 3 slide outs. We basically have a small apartment that we can pull into any city in the US.  When the slides are extended it's about 400 sq. ft. inside. We also have storage space underneath the entire vehicle that provide carrying space. It's been a tremendous blessing and traveling has never been easier or more fun.

Disclosure, all the interior photos are either from Holiday Rambler or from the RV company from which we bought the vehicle. When we bought it, we made some changes right away, so this is the best way to show you the original. When we got the RV we made some minor upgrades immediately, including new mattress, electronics, chairs, etc. We will be traveling for work for another 8 weeks, and then I will finally have time to work on some of the cosmetic changes I have in store. I don't look forward to painting all. That. Cabinetry. But I know the "after" will be totally worth it. 

I feel like people love Tiny Homes, but they groan at RVs. The problem is, a RV is way, way more practical. We basically have a "basement" or under carriage storage for all of our gear, sports equipment and work supplies. All of that ugly cabinetry (which I need to paint) is actually necessary for living in a small space and keeping the clutter down and keeping things in their place when you travel. So, instead of buying a Tiny Home,  I plan to make my much-more-functional-RV look like a cute, little Tiny Home! lol

We looked at so many models that had blue or pink carpeting. I am really grateful that we found a place with neutral flooring, so that most our changes would be cosmetic and will require elbow grease, rather than professional help.

Half bathroom that's in between the living room/kitchen and bedrooms. 

Again, these are stock photos and not my bedding!

We also have 2 bathrooms, albeit, one of them is tiny. But it still keeps Zack and I out from underfoot of each other. Inside that vented closet we have a washer / dryer combo. Yup, it's amazeballs and makes a huge difference for living convenience.

This pic is a little hard to tell what it it, but the shower is on the right, the closet is the mirrored doors and the slatted closet doors on the left is our washer/dryer. Some of the perks of our model, we have a full closet (wardrobe) in the back of the RV. It's seriously the largest I have seen in any model we looked at and the size of a master closet in a 50's home. The shower is also really large with a 2/3 tub, perfect for bathing kids, or in my case, two little yorkies! 

One last perk, we have a regular size fridge! That's a big deal in the RV world. Not only is it full-sized, but it's a stainless steel side by side fridge. I'm so thankful for these small features. They may seem inconsequential, but these little perks make traveling in the RV fell just like being home.

Looking from the back bathroom towards the front. 

This is almost our layout. We have a few upgrades in our model. See where the "sofa" is on the top of the pic? Instead of a 2nd couch, we have extra cabinetry, a desk and filing cabinets. Really, it's ideal for a "mobile command center," as Zack calls it. Although two couches certainly would have been comfier, I have plans that will help us compromise between working and comfort.

Just for fun, here's the advertising photo from Holiday Rambler. I wanted to share this because the company believes this photo represents the RV at its best. What you're looking at is supposed the be the as good as it gets, and I plan to show you this RV can look a whole lot better. I will be giving this old girl a 2017 update! I'm just narrowing down the options for finishes and will put together a mood board for ya'll to see what I'm planning.

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  1. can't wait to see what you do to it,have been thinking about an rv or a large travel trailer myself so curious to see what you do

    1. Thanks for dropping by! It took me awhile to get a good idea for what I wanted to do with it, but now I'm really excited!! You'll see why. xoxo


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