September 14, 2016

Nautical Pedestal Table Strip & Stain

It's NEW YORK! Yes, my dear friends, this week the hubby and I are playing, I mean "working" in New York. Having grown up in Boston, you would think I would've spent considerable time in a huge metropolis only 4 hours away. Especially since I love history and theatre. But no, my fam pretty much stuck to Boston sites and when I turned 18, I booked it across the US and across the Pacific Ocean to go to college in Hawaii. This is the first real time I've spent in the city and we are 
having a BLAST! 
So onward to this week's project! I'm sharing a table makeover that one of my wonderful stockists created and shared. Her name is Mary Anne and she owns Brushstrokes by Mary Anne, two shops in Georgia. I love these makeovers because pedestal tables are readily available, and inexpensive. You can buy them from $15-50 and the shape is classic.



1. As usual, when starting with a piece that has been previously finished, you will want to strip the existing finish. You can do this with sandpaper or stripper, or both. When using stripper, I like to apply a thick coat of Citristrip and then wrap the wood and stripper with Saran Wrap. I use a paint scraper to scrape the stripper off and then wipe the top down with paint thinner. I like to give it a light sand with 80 grit sandpaper, even if I used paint stripper, just to make sure all the residue is gone.

2. STAIN: Now that the wood is prepared, all you have to do is apply Weatherwood Reclamation stain on the oak and allow it to air dry. (Do not wipe it back off.) It will only take 25 minutes on a hardwood like oak.

3. SEAL: To seal the wood, you may want to do a 2 step topcoat. 
That's because oak has a blue hue when it's stained with Reclamation. (See above.) When you use Clear Maintenance Oil the blue tones will be removed and you're left with a pretty Restoration Hardware looking gray/brown. You can see how that works in the video below. It's a simple wipe on and buff off application.
Options: Since this IS a table, you may want to seal the stain and clear oil with Weatherwood Varnish. That way the table will hold up to the base tables are accustomed to. 

4. PAINT: Whenever you're working with furniture that has a prefix sting finish, and you plan to paint it, consider chalk paint as one of your options. Mary Anne is an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
 Stockists, so of course she choose that paint in Paris Gray.

That's all there is to it. Hope you liked this project. Let me know if you have any questions! 

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