August 10, 2016

Strip & Stain Nautical Oak Table

One of my favorite Weatherwood clients owns a little rehab boutique called Refind Design by Coco Claire by Jilian. She has done more projects than anyone I have heard of so far, which is awesome since she always does a lovely job.

This project was a large rectangular oak table, with pedestal base. Oak tables are extremely common, so if have one and uou're looking to get this look then follow along. 


Jilian began by stripping the top of the piece with paint stripper, then scrapped the finish off. Next, she gave it s quick sand with a hand held orbital sander. 

Next she used white chalky paint to paint the base of the table. Chalk style paint is a great, no prep paint option. 

For the table's top, she stained the oak with Reclamation. This gives you a deep charcoal gray color. 

She used White Maintenance Oil to seal the table top and simultaneously lighten the look of the stained wood. This achieved a weathered and imperfect look. 

You should for sure follow Jilian's FB page to see all of her amazing work. She puts out a new project or two a week and they're all stunning like this one! 

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  1. The table top would have been stripped with paint stripper...not paint thinner!


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