August 24, 2016

Industrial Ash Farmhouse Table

Good day, friends! We've spent a couple of days at Coloniel Williamsburg in Virginaa an that's their greeting. "Good day to you, madam." I went to Williamsburg when I was in elementary school in Virginia and I was thrilled to have the chance to show Zack all that I had seen. He loves Amerian history, so we were like two nerd in heaven with all the 17th century-ness. If you haven't been or heard of it, it's an entire town restores to its original condition around the early 1600's. They have real trade people in costume, teaching the techniques of their profession. It's amazing. 

I chose this project because it felt vintage and I'm in a colonia mood this week. For this farmhouse table the client chose a base made from pipe, which I'm sure you've seen around the blogosphere. The top is reclaimed ash- but when you sand or mill reclaimed wood, you lose the gorgeous patina. So we      wanted to stain it to look vintage.


Weatherwood's Reclamation stain
Weatherwood Varnish Topcoat
Ash 2x4- number determined by size of table, 8 used
Palm sander, 80 grit
Clamps, Wood Glue, Planet
Pipes and Spray Paint for Pipes


1. For the base you'll want to follow these directions from my friend at 4 Men and a Lady for what pipe to buy and how to build it no need to reinvent thewheelsnd all that. 
2. Use  8 planks of reclaimed ash for this size table. Use wood glue to glue up the edges of each board and clank the table together while it dries. 
3. When the wood glue is dry, you should send the table through a planet or use a hand planet. But you can use a palm sander and heavy grit sand paper if that's all you have. Make sure you remove all the glue from the top so the table stains well. 

4. Stain the ash table with Reclamation stain. Just apply the stain and allow it to air dry. 
5. When the stain is dry (less than a hour) and then you can topcoat the wood. Weatherwood's varnish will dry clear and minimally change the woods color. 

I adore this kitchen and the farmhouse table is the perfect touch! I love how the weathered wood look fits into the farmhouse style, nautical, vintage, and industrial. 

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