May 25, 2016

Driftwood Side Table Makeover

Before & After: Easy Driftwood Side Table Makeover with #Weatherwood + #ChalkPaint
Hi friends! Zack and I have spent the last 2 weeks moving to Dallas and getting situated. We will be here just until July, so we've made some plans to enjoy the local sights. So far we have planned the art museum, two plays, a Rangers/Red Sox game, a concert and amusement park. Are you from the area? We would love suggestions! 

This week's project is short and sweet, but that's because you could do it yourself and easily. Jami, from Jami Ray Vintage, created this driftwood table makeover. She began with a maple table, probably from the 80's.

Before: Easy Driftwood Side Table Makeover with #Weatherwood + #ChalkPaint


Sand Paper -80 and 220 grits
Orbital or Palm Sander
Maple Table
Chalk Paint
Paint Brushes

Step 1: Sand the top: If you want to create the driftwood look, you will need to sand off the existing finish. Use the 80 grit sandpaper on your sander. Sand in the direction of the grain.

Before: Easy Driftwood Side Table Makeover with #Weatherwood + #ChalkPaint

2. Apply Stain: Apply the stain with a sponge brush and drench the wood. Allow the wood to absorb the stain as it dries. Do not apply and wipe off.

3. Paint: Apply chalk paint to the base of the table. This is your best option for paint, so that the paint doesn't need to be removed. On a crazy color like this existing blue, you would need to apply two coats of paint. 

Easy Driftwood Side Table Makeover with #Weatherwood + #ChalkPaint

4. Wax: Finally you can apply furniture wax to the entire piece. If you look for better wood protection, you could apply a hard shell topcoat to the piece's top to protect it from potential water damage.

Easy Driftwood Side Table Makeover with #Weatherwood + #ChalkPaint

5. Gloat- Sit back and gloat, cause you've just given a piece of furniture a new life!

Do you love it? I think Jami totally turned this piece around- like from the trash pile to a place in any home! I'm sure she would love it if you said hi- you'll find her Youtube channel [here.] Thanks for stopping in. I would love to see you tomorrow at the Handmade Hangout!

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