March 16, 2016

Upcycled Cabinet Menu w/DIY Chalkboard Paint

Know how we all like to be prepared? I don't just mean organized. I mean wouldn't we all like a list that tells you everything you need to know for the week in seconds? Well, what better way to keep yourself organized than a decorative chalkboard. And what better chalkboard, than a rustic one? I mean after all, everyone and their mom has a chalkboard these days so you might as well use my kickin stain to make it the bee's knees!  



1.] I began with an unfinished cupboard that I found for next to nothing at Habitat for Humanities. I'm not sure what type of wood it is- alder? Pine? Anyways, I stained it with Reclamation from Weatherwood to give it that vintage wood look. You just apply the stain and allow it to dry naturally.

2.] After the cabinet was dry I mixed up my chalk paint. The reason I made my own chalkboard paint is because I originally wanted a gray chalkboard. But once I did it, something just didn't feel right. So I ended up mixing my own black chalkboard paint and used it instead. So if you're like me, and you want a colored chalkboard you can do it like this. You'll need 1 cup flat latex paint and 2 tbsp Plaster of Paris, which you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. You do have to buy a big-ish container, but it's good for DIY Chalky paint and DIY chalkboard paint, too! So mix your ingredients and add a few drops of water so that the DIY version of chalkboard paint is the same texture and consistency as Chalkboard paint.

3.] Next, paint the interior section of your chalkboard. You should season the chalkboard the same way as a normal chalkboard, use a piece of chalk to cover the entire chalkboard, then erase. That way when you write, the writing will erase.

Right now I use my little cupboard as a menu. If you're going to do that, you'll for sure want to get chalk markers. They are way better for doing things like writing. It's been really helpful to plan out our meals, because sometimes I feel like we eat the same five things over and over each week. 

That worked well. I love how the cabinet creates this wide wood frame around the chalkboard. It's perfectly rustic. We've also used it as a message board right by our front door.  

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