March 23, 2016

Reclaimed [Looking] Douglas Fir Tables

Hello friends! The project I'm sharing today has been such a fun adventure! I had a Canadian radio station, called Roundhouse Radio, approach me when they were opening and remodeling their location. Working with them was so wonderful- they ended up using us for their douglas fir tables and beams throughout the industrial space.



1.] If you're looking to replicate this beautiful weathered look, you'll need to start with douglas fir. Roundhouse had these amazing S" shaped table built and they really set the tone in this space. You want to make sure the wood has been sanded with 80 grit.

2.] Choose you wood stain color. This company went with Weatherwood' Reclamation stain- that's the bottom option of the below photo. I actually really love Salvage on douglas fir, the top piece of wood.

3.] Stain the wood using a large paint brush. You want to really drench the wood. That's all you have to do, just let the wood stain absorb into the wood. Douglas fir is very very sappy. Reactive wood stain will not react with sap, because there are no tannins in sap. That means, if you get any sap spots you'll need to re-sand those and then stain them again.

4.] If you use Reclamation, I recommend using our Clear Maintenance Oil to seal it, that's what Roundhouse did.

 Although, the White Maintenance Oil + Reclamation will give you a really cool look. I covered this in a post on how to get the Restoration Hardware Burnt Oak look. The White Oil is also ideal is you chose to use Salvage.

Roundhouse created this rad round table in what I would guess to be their recording studio. You can really see all the tables and beams in one of Roundhouse's promotional videos. I took a screenshot to share with you. Look how cool it looks when it all came together.

Truly, the best part has been after the project was complete. I follow them on social media, so I can frequently see artists, like real famous people, sitting at Weatherwood stained tables-

-And singing in front of my Weatherwood stained wood! What a crazy whirl wind this business has been. I mean, Sarah McClachlan, really?!

See you tomorrow for the party! xo

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