February 10, 2016

Weathered Crate into Rolling Footstool

Hello, friends! Early last year, when I was just barley getting my business started, Wendy from Antebellum 1862 reached out to try my reactive wood stain. I told Wendy, as I tell everyone, that each wood species will turns its own color. But no matter how much I saw that, the DIYers who purchase my products use pine for everything. I get it! Pine is affordable and abundant. But it's not our prettiest colors. Meanwhile, the other half of my clientele uses every wood under the sun to get the color they are seeking. 

I have several pine projects to share with you, like last week's 
DIY Farmhouse Desk and the week before that's with the Weathered Pine Bench. This week I'll go over how Wendy purchased a pine crate and turned that into a rolling ottoman!


Pine Crate
Weatherwood Stain's Reclamation
4 Rolling Casters
Fabric for Cover
Drill and Screws


1. You can use a new crate stained with Reclamation or an authentic vintage crate. New crates can be found at stores like Michael's, Joann's, and even Walmart. They are usually pine and will turn this tannish-gray color.
2. Use a drill and screws to attach 4 rolling casters to the bottom of the crate.
3. Have the hardboard cut to the size of the opening in the crate. You can have it cut at a hardware store or on your circular saw.

4. Use some foam and padding to create the soft, footstool top. For an inexpensive filling option, you could buy a three dollar bed pillow and use the foam inside. Next you'll wrap the foam filler and the hardboard with the fabric to create the soft top. 
5. Attach the top to the base with liquid nails. 

You could get so many different looks with this one DIY, from shabby chic to vintage industrial depending on the fabric and casters that you choose. I could see so many options but this vintage look works in Wendy's space. 

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