January 27, 2016

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

Holy cow, you guys I have had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows this week. I as terrible at relaying the whole story for you all, but this time I am putting together a post because there's just so much to share. In short, we are back in San Francisco and pitching to the largest architecture and design firms in the world. It's a blast to see how many projects will be using our stains this year. I will fill you in on all the details and I even have an embarrassing video to share.
This week's DIY post is from a new bloggy friend, Kendra from Momtique, I "met" Kendra on Instagram, she has one of those feeds you get totally lost in. You know what I mean? Kendra did a small DIY on a pine bench and 



before: Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

1.] Kendra began with a raw wood bench. It's a furniture grade pine. First step is to sand the wood. The top is an easy one to sand. But for intricate mouldings and carved pieces, here's a trick. You can brush denatured alcohol onto carved mouldings and that will act as sandpaper. 

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

2.] You can now apply wood stain to the top. Apply a heavy coat of stain, drench the wood and allow it to air dry. The wood will change color as it dries. 

3.] Kendra painted the base. Since this was raw wood you could use any kind of paint, but chalky paint is still easiest. She used a beautiful light blue. 

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

4.] Now you need to seal the wood top. If you used chalk paint you will need to seal the base as well. In this case, it would be easiest to seal the entire piece with furniture wax. Softer waxes, like Annie Sloan's seem to darken the Weatherwood stained wood. Cheaper furniture waxes like Johnson's and Johnson's do the best.

And while we are at, can you join me as I drool over Kendra's home for a second? 

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

It's so beautiful. And I love her styling. Love it! 

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

I just want to take lessons from her on setting a scene. Like I feel like I want to sit down at this table right now. :)

Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b

One of my favorite things about Kendra, beside her being a mommy of 3!, is that she's a renter! Can you believe it? It shows that you can make any space your own. 
Lovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2bLovely Weathered Pine Bench using #WeatherwoodStains on #fg2b
You will for sure want to follow Kendra on Instagram- she will blow your mind away with scenes like this ones above! 

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