January 6, 2016

$18 DIY Console Table

I hope you had a Happy New Year's! Zack and I were sick with a nasty cold, but we still went to my parent's house to "party" it up with a family game night.  We all got our party hats on and had treats for days! The highlight was teaching my grandmother to play poker for chips. What a riot. 

This week's project is a console table you can build for under twenty bucks! I know you can afford that, so you're gonna love this one. 

I originally saw this on Pinterest, but the actual project is found via Desert Domicile. You'll have to go visit her blog to see what her "after" photo looks like, but the build looks like this above. If you follow this tutorial, your table will be 48" wide x 28 3/4" high x 11 1/4" deep. 


  • Qty 4, 2x2x8 furring strips for under $8
  • Qty 1, 1x48x8 piece of utility shelf for less than $6
  • Hand sander & 80 grit sandpaper
  • Liquid nail
  • Miter saw or have cuts done at the store
  • Nails & Nail Gun or Hammer
  • Wood stain- Weatherwood's Reclamation & sponge brush.


    1] Cuts: 
    Use a miter saw to cut the furring strips to the following sizes: 
    • Qty 4, 27 1/4" pieces to create the vertical legs.
    • Qty 4, 45" pieces to create the wide horizontal stretchers.
    • Qty 4, 8 1/4" pieces to create the short horizontal sides.
    Use a table saw to cut the top- or have it cut at the home improvement store.
    • 1x48x8 utility shelf needs cut.
    This is a great time to sand the wood using a hand sander and 80 grit sandpaper.

    2] Start by building one of the wide legs. Attach two 27 1/4" pieces, one 45" stretcher. Measure 3 inches from the bottom and use liquid nail to attach the leg components together. One the leg components are glued, you can use a nail gun to secure them in place.  Be careful with the liquid nail, not to get let it ooze onto any of the exposed wood because the wood stain will not penetrate it.
     *See Desert Domicile for images. 
    Repeat the process to create the second wide leg piece.

    3] Once the glue in wide legs were dry, we attached them together by forming the short legs. Use the 8 1/4" pieces to glue the two wide legs together. This is secure the bottom frame. Something heavy can be used to hold the frame together while it dries. See Desert Domicile for images.

    4] When both the base is dry, use liquid nails to attach the 1x48x8 top to the base. Use something heavy to secure the top to the base while it dries. 

    5] You can now stain the wood with Reclamation. This will be a piece of cake, just apply to the table with a sponge brush and allow it to dry naturally. Do not wipe back off. 

    6] The corners were decorated with antique corner brackets found on Etsy. They're inexpensive and add a cool detail. You can find similar here, here, or here. These could be cool on coffee tables, too.

    This little console table was a piece of cake to build and affordable, too! What do you think? Can you see it in your space? What have you built lately? 

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