December 30, 2015

DIY Perfect Rustic Gray Doors

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! My parents are "cruise people" and they've travelled all over the world. For Christmas they've took us all on a Mexican Rivera cruise! Yay! Zack and I just got back and we had a blast. In total, we had eight days off, four days in Mexico, and we feel like new people! 
I think you'll love today's post! I want to show you how you can turn doors, cheap, raw unfinished doors, into these gorgeous looking beauties! The process is so simple- but when you're done it will look like a million bucks.



  • To achieve this color you will need CHERRY wood doors. With the reactive wood stain I use, each wood species will turn a different color. The wood should be raw. 
  • Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to open up the wood. You're just trying to get the wood sanded enough that it will accept the stain evenly.
  • Use a large brush and drench the wood with stain. Let the wood air dry.

You can see the beautiful stained cherry door against a raw piece of cherry. This project is so simple, staining and dry time will only take 20 minutes! That's so much faster than normal stains, and the results will be so much prettier. I love how the grain shows through, with all the light and dark grays.

  • Weatherwood is a stain, not a topcoat, so you'll need to seal the wood. I recommend using our Maintenance Oil Clear topcoat to hold this beautiful gray.
You can see two cherry doors on the far right and far left of the above photo. The door on the far right has the maintenance oil clear topcoat and the door on the far right has a maintenance oil white. (Just FYI the middle two doors are alder- same process, but different wood species.)

These doors now look crazy gorgeous and expensive. But they were actually really affordable. This door was purchased from a local mill and we got it from their "Boneyard". That's where the mill keeps doors that customers ordered and no longer wanted. That's your single best way to get real wood doors in your home. Now, what do you think? 

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