November 18, 2015

Douglas Fir Table Build

Hello lovely friends! Another week has passed and we were working in San Fran area the last three weeks and have just moved down to Fresno for the next week and a half. It's the first time in years we will be around family for the upcoming holidays and it's like we are real people, again! Although I am grateful for all the friends who have invited us in as family over the last three years, it's nice to know you have a place to go. :)

This week I'm sharing another incredible Weatherwood project because it's just too beautiful not to!
There's a custom table manufacturer in Utah who uses our stains, usually for the table tops. Here you can see a custom build, the top is made out of Douglas Fir and the bottom was a builder grade wood.


If you wanted to make a table like this you could use these Ana White directions for the top: [ link ]
Once you've cut the top, you want to sand it with a rough sandpaper like 80 grit. Next stain it with Weatherwood Stain's Reclamation product. Just drench the wood with the stain, do not wipe off. 

Allow one hour dry time and then topcoat with Weatherwood Stains' White Hardwax Oil. That's what creates this gorgeous highlighted grain. The table is a warm gray, but now the grain is highlighted in white. So freaking beautiful!

And what about the pretty "X" base, you ask? You could use these Ana White directions for the base: [ link ] You can use builder grade pine for the base, since you're going to be painting it anyway. 

I'm feeling ready to make my own, aren't you! That finish is just gorgeous! See more beautiful pieces in our gallery [ here ]!

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