October 7, 2015

Renovar: Scrap Wood Pumpkin Wall Art

Fall is officially here, signs are everywhere - pumpkins are for sale, some trees are changing colors, the skies get darker earlier, it is crisp and cool in the morning, so I have succumbed. Another summer has come and gone and I have allowed Autumn decor to make its way into our house and here is our first craft project to welcome the F word in!

DIY Pumpkin Craft Made From Strap Wood - Four
DIY Pumpkin Craft Made of Scrap Wood
DIY Pumpkin Craft Made From Strap Wood - Three
DIY Pumpkin Craft Made From Strap Wood - One
DIY Pumpkin Craft Made of Scrap Wood 1

This project is super easy & free using items I had on hand in my scrap wood pile, paint supply, craft room and office.

I began by using some of the scrap wood from my re-purposed jewelry holder that you can read more about HERE

I didn't do much of anything other than disassemble the remainder of the shelf. I used the smaller pieces. I left them raw and didn't even need to cut them.


I placed them together. To attach them, I took a large tongue depressor and using my staple gun, I stapled it onto the back and reinforced it with hot glue and also added a paperclip to use as a hanger.

Finally, I glued an orange raffia bow near the top of it to add that cute little touch it needed to say - I'm done!

Doesn't get much easier than this? Total time: 10 minutes.

DIY Pumpkin Craft Made of Scrap Wood 2

Cost - FREE!

To see another version that I did with a little left over paint you can visit HERE!

So, what is your favorite season?? Summer is mine - ironically - Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! :)

Well, I hope this project inspires you to be creative and to look at "junk" in a whole new way! I would love for you to follow along: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle +
Until next month!

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