August 19, 2015

Ikea Frack Hack: Expandable Industrial Light

We have been packing and moving boxes for weeks now. I cannot believe how much STUFF two people can cram into a two bedroom condo...without looking like horders. Like how did we have so much stuff and our home still looked cute??? Anyway, I've been deciding what to keep and what to sell, etc and this guy has made it into my small "keep" pile. You can see why for yourself:
 One day while browsing Etsy I cam across this super sweet vintage light- only sold for 1200$. 
Yup. One thousand, two hundred dollars. Now remember- it is authentically old and stuff, so that maybe counts for something.
{I purposely did not provide a link to this sale- cause I don't want to screw up someone's business/livelihood- so I didn't want to link my "fab" DIY to their sale--comprende?}
OK- back to the light- the second I saw it, I knew two things.
{1} I wanted it as a sconce for my spare bedroom.
{2} I knew I could make my own!

What You Need: 

  • Tin Funnel {from Harbor freight- 5 bucks}
  • Frack Mirror {from Ikea- 5 bucks}
  •  Light Kit  or salvage old one- {dismantled old light- zero dollars}
  • Vintage looking or "cool" light bulb {depends on which you buy}
This project was so super easy- once you have the right supplies. You read the supplies right- the Frack is a mirror from Ikea. It's in the bathroom supply section of the store and comes with a sweet expandable arm. 

Instead of buying a light kit I used the innards of an old light. I glued the base of that light {that metal pole} to the base of the funnel. Then glued the pole at the end of the light to the screwable portion of the Frack mirror.


I used clear automotive glue to adhere all the pieces together. It's supposed to be good for high temps- but I haven't given the lamp a good trial I guess we'll see! {I'll keep ya posted! ;-)  } There's probably a zillion ways to put these items all together- but it was one of those things where this was the stuff on hand and went for it.

 I super love how the light can be expanded over your head for easy reading- or not. The arm swings- so the light can stay against the wall- or the window. It really makes for a great bedside reading lamp- something unique and vintage-y looking. I know some folks dig the original- and wouldn't think twice about the 1200 price tag...but my heart goes pitter-patter for a good deal and a great DIY.

 Here's a few bonus shots- from the post with new map art I just posted.

You can see how the expandable piece moves in and out. It also swings side to side, so it can be moved out over the bed- or against the wall, out of the way.
Although it's not quite the same, it is sort of reminiscent of this guy, don't you think?

What do you guys think- original or knock off?


  1. I love the diy version! ! This would be great for a dorm room too!! :)

  2. I love the diy version! ! This would be great for a dorm room too!! :)


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