May 6, 2015

Renovar Design: Mother's Day Printable

Hello From G2B readers!

This time it isn't Jenny from Renovar Design - it is her husband Marco. Jenny has been busier than usual - staying late at work plus, her 2 daughters (my step-daughters) were sick this past week so she asked me for some help with the monthly post for Becca's awesome reader's.

Mothers Day Printables from Renovar Pg1Mothers Day Printables from Renovar Pg2

I am new at this, so I apologize now. She made the request without giving me any guidelines or directions. Only a link to the website with the contributor posts. Gee - thanks babes!? I said, "what should I write about?" Her response, "make a free printable, you are great at that!" So, knowing that Mother's Day is just around the corner and knowing how hard my wife works, plus, watching my own Mom work hard when I was growing up, I thought I would make a Mother's Day Coupon Book for you to download and make for your own Mom for Mother's Day! I hope you enjoy them!

Maybe you are on a budget or maybe your Mom is difficult to shop for? Either way - these will make a great gift because they can be customized any way you would like. You can chose to print off 2 you can chose 12!

  1. Click to download both files.
  2. Print them off. (I recommend printing them out on card stock.)
  3. Cut the coupons out along with the front cover.
  4. Using a hole punch, punch out the holes where I put the circles as templates.
  5. Then put the coupon book together with ribbon tied in bows.
Click to Download File
Mothers Day Printables from Renovar Pg1

Click to Download File

Mothers Day Printables from Renovar Pg2

(In case you are wondering, Jenny calls me the brains behind Renovar - because I am a marketing director and I have a background in graphic design. I don't help her out too much with furniture projects, but I do help with the dishes every night!)

I am wishing all of you Mother's out there (including my beautiful wife Jenny, my own Mother, Grandmother, my Aunts, Sister & Mother-in-Law) a very Happy Mother's Day! I know how hard you all work 365 days of the year and I think you deserve recognition for an additional 364 days too!

Thanks for letting me visit. This was a fun change for me!

Marco from Renovar Design

P.S. I think Jenny will be back again in June - unless she has me making a Father's day printable for you too! If you have special requests, let Becca know or comment below! We would love to here from you!


  1. I love these! I would love to get them myself. I think this post may be emailed to my husband! Thanks for sharing Marco!

    1. Aren't they the best! I would love them, too! I don't think my hubby could come in and pull off an awesome printable, way to go Marco! xo


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