May 13, 2015

DIY Anthro Fringed Feathers Towel

A five minute craft with a big-brand impact! Whenever I loooove something from Anthroplogie, I make sure to pin it because, baby, it could be gone in a day or two and I don't want to forget it! Especially a cute little hand towel like this, one!
Although this little darling is no longer for sale via Anthro's website, it has been virtually saved forever on one of my boards- "DIY Crafts" on Pinterest. I'm especially glad it was since now I can try my hand at my own. 

You'll be happy to know it's a five minute DIY, it took me longer to photograph and write this up then it did to make it!

Here's what you need:

  • Ruler
  • Sharpie Fine Marker
  • Flour Sack Towels
  • Painter's Tape
I always buy the pack of three flour sack towels from Walmart so that whenever I feel inspired, I can start a DIY project. they've come in so handy and the price is right. I don't believe this towel was even new when I did this project.

1. The first thing you want to do is iron your towel-- I know mine is wrinkled in the photo. DO as I say, not as I do!! If you skip this step, your straight lines may come out a little skuwompous, but mine did work out alright.
2. Tape down all four edges tautly on a flat surface, try to tape keeping the towel straight & try to avoid the towel from shifting.

Take a look at our Anthro image, mentally, allow for a 3 inch boarder around the entire perimeter of your towel. You want your feathers to be within that area. Next we are going to space out our vertical lines. 

3. So about 3  inches from the top and bottom of the taped towel tape a horizontal line of tape. On that piece of tape mark off a hash mark every two inches. On each of your hash marks you'll draw a line straight up the towel towards your top piece of tape.

4. Now for the cute little feather hash marks:

Now that we've laid our foundation, it's time to go over each of the lines and add the little dash marks that complete the "feather" look. This is the easiest part.  Just make sure you start your maker right on your vertical line so it looks nice and clean when you're done, with no extra ink dots.

That's really and truly all there is to it. I know you'll love me for throwing this quick and super cute project at you, although we love the larger ones, there just isn't that much time in the day, or even in the week! I hope you'll find time to tackle this one, and if you do, I would love to hear about it.

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  1. I love this! I actually have some flour sack towels I just bought. I may just try this!


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