April 1, 2015

Renovar Design: DIY Candles Holders from Vintage Jello Molds

I am so excited to back again & this month I am not even fooling around (get it? lame? I know, I know...sorry. I just couldn't resist!)

On a more serious note, I have been very busy with a basketball tournament, work, tackling a whole home organization project, crafting here and there in my spare time & taking care of every single person in my house because they have all been sick! Being a nurse, I normally don't blame the weather - this week - I am totally blaming the weather! It has been crazy in the Chicago land area. Sunny & 50, then overcast & 70, then rainy, then back to the 30's with snow, then warmer again in the 50's, then sleet and then more snow. I feel like mother nature is having a mid-life crisis and doesn't really know what she wants! LOL. Ah, such is life in the Midwest!

renovar design jell-o mold candle holder

This month I am bringing you a quick, inexpensive, DIY up-cycled project. Despite being so busy, I still manage to make time for crafting. It relaxes me. Even if it only takes a few minutes to complete, I feel accomplished after being creative!

Have you seen vintage jell-o molds in antique shops or thrift stores? I have been seeing them everywhere and scooping them up. I have found them for as cheap as 15 cents and up to $1.00 for each one. I won't pay more than 0.75 though, because I am cheap frugal.

Soon, I had a nice collection of assorted vintage jell-o molds and had no idea what to do with them. Luckily, while thrift store shopping with my Mom a few months back, I also saw these curved pieces of natural wood. I think they are pretty and sort of beachy. I have no clue what they are or what they are meant for (so if you know, please share, I am very curious!) At 50 cents each I bought them - knowing that I would find a purpose for them.

salvaged wood

That is one of the greatest things about shopping at thrift stores or antique shops. You never really know what you will come across. At thrift stores it is the hunt for a bargain or something unique. At an antique shop, it is the thrill of negotiation once you find that "gotta have it" item. I try really hard not to just buy something because it looks cool or is cheap. I try to purchase with a purpose or potential - even if at the time I don't know what that purpose is. It is wonderful when you can combine things you have collected or gathered and marry them into something brand new & one-of-a-kind!!

vintage jello mold upcycled candle holder

I took a drill and carefully drilled holes into the center of the molds.

drill with metal bit

I drilled from the underneath side going in so that any deformity in the metal would be in the center allowing the back to lay flush on the wood. The metal is most likely aluminum and very soft and pliable. Go slow with the drill and please wear safety goggles. Keeping those eyes of yours pretty and metal free is worth looking like a dork for a few minutes wearing goggles! I promise.

  vintage jello molds

Next, I attached the jell-o molds with a washer in the center and screwed a short screw into the piece of wood by hand.


I popped in a tea-light into each one and there you have it! A new candle holder!

Do you think it has a beachy feel? To me, they also have a sort-of spring kind of feel - because they remind me of flowers too!

vintage jello molds upcycled into candle holder renovar design

Hope that you are enjoying the weather wherever you are!

Also, I have been really curious! So,if you know what the wood pieces are or intended for ~ please stop by and tell me! If not, that's okay, I would still love for you to follow along: InstagramFacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle +

Until next month!

~jenny Renovar Design

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