April 8, 2015

Always Never Done: Unique Chalk Painted Game Table

Hi G2B readers! Hope you are all having a great week so far. This month I am showing you how transform an antique table that was a little blah into something that says “I am a statement piece!”.  All you need for this easy transformation is some chalk paint, a brush and a wax sealer.Checker-Table-Always-Never-Done

So, I bought this table at an auction I was at a few weeks ago because it was interesting and different. I like interesting furniture. (And we happen to be a checker playing family.) So style meets functional. That should be my motto.
Checker-Table-Always-Never-Done 1
Anyway, the table was structurally in great condition and the checker top was in fantastic shape, however the finish on the wood was fading. I knew all this little table need was a new coat of paint in a fun bright color.
Bring on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Aubusson Blue. This is a great color. Bright but not too out of this world in your face.
I wiped the table down to get it clean and then taped off the checker board area so that I wouldn’t accidentally paint over it. (sorry forgot to take pics of this…I was in project mode.) I then painted two watered down coats of chalk paint onto the table. (I like the look of watered down chalk paint. It gets a white washed effect.)
checker-Table-Always-Never-Done 5

After the paint dried, I waxed the table in clear wax, rubbed the wax in and then sanded some of the corners to let the original wood show through to give it a distressed look.checker-Table-Always-Never-Done 3I then put another coat of clear wax on and rubbed it in. I let it sit overnight to let the wax cure and then buffed the whole table with a clean cloth to get that nice sheen. DONE!!!
checker-Table-Always-Never-Done 4
I was debating on whether to even post about this project because of the simplicity of it and then I thought that’s exactly why I should post about it. You can totally transform a piece of furniture with just a few easy steps!!
Have a great week folks! Get your paint on! See you next time:)