March 11, 2015

Always Never Done: Side Table Makeover with BB Frosch Chalk Powder

chalk-paint-powder-side-table-Always-Never-Done 1
Hello again ladies and gents! This month I am going to show you how to use chalk powder to transform a piece of furniture.
Here is my pretty little lady ready to be transformed which I picked up an estate sale.

My client had to have to have this table and she wanted it to match another piece of furniture in their house which was a really dark navy blue. So I found a color that came close to their furniture. It’s called night shade from Behr. I like to get the little samples for smaller pieces of furniture. It’s just easier and cheaper.

Chalk-Powder-Painted-Side-Table-Always-Never-Done 2
chalk-paint-powder-desk-always-never-done 7

This is how I use chalk powder in small doses. What I do is measure out my chalk powder (about 2 tablespoons) and dump that directly into my sample paint pot. Add 1 teaspoon water, put the lid back on the paint and shake it. Done, you now how chalk paint. Simple right! That’s why I love BB Frosch chalk paint powder.
I always lightly sand all of my projects before I paint just so that the paint adheres better. I know with most chalk paints there is no need to sand but I can sleep easier at night knowing that I sanded a little bit. OCD??? maybe!
Then I wiped down the table with a damp cloth to get any residual dust and grime off. If it’s really grimey, I use a vinegar water solution to clean the table.
Now we are ready to paint. I put 1 coat of the blue on the whole table and let it dry. It came a tiny too blue for what I wanted so I darkened it by adding a dry brushing of a soft black color over top of the blue. My go to color for a soft black is Beluga by Behr. I already had this in a sample and chalk powder mixed in from another project so it was all ready to go.

Chalk-Powder-Painted-Side-Table-Always-Never-Done 3
Chalk-Powder-Painted-Side-Table-Always-Never-Done 4

This color came out perfectly. The blue is still showing through but it’s darker.

chalk-paint-powder-side-table-Always-Never-Done 4

Now I am ready to wax the whole thing. (I used Annie Sloan clear soft wax.) I buffed it in and let it cure for 24 hours.

chalk-paint r-Always-Never-Done 4

I then  put the original hardware back on (because it’s amazing hardware.)

chalk-paint-powder-side-table-Always-Never-Done 2

And it’s ready for use! The client loved the table just as much as I did.
I had about 1/4 of the paint left and the nice thing about mixing the powder directly in the paint tub is that you can close it up like normal and use it again when you are ready. Easy!!!!
The table took me about 30 minutes to paint total (not including dry time) and about 15 minutes to wax. Fast and easy:)

Have a great month everyone see you in April when it’s hopefully a little warmer:)
XO – Amy

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