February 4, 2015

Renovar Design: Valentine's Balloon Messages

Hi guys! Hope the new year is treating you well! We have been very busy here over at Renovar Design! I can't believe it is February already, can you?! Time flies...

This month I am bringing you a project I did a few years ago for my girlies! It will be a picture heavy post & I hope you enjoy it!

I have two daughters who I refer to affectionately, yet anonymously, on the blog as Kid 1 and Kid 2 ♥

This was my Valentine's gift to my girls:

Renovar Design Valentine Balloon

I simply took scrapbook paper and cut them out in heart shapes. I used a hole punch to put a hole in a corner of each one. Randomly. I then wrote sentiments on them (see below) and tied them onto the string of the balloons.

Renovar Design Valentine 1

Therefore, each balloon had a heart on it.

Renovar Design Valentine 2

The hearts had their name & were numbered on one side.

Renovar Design Valentine 3

Each girlie had the number of hearts/balloons to coordinate with how many Valentine's Days they have been alive to celebrate. (Kid 1 - 13 and Kid 2 -9)

Renovar Design Valentine 4

I sent them on a search to read them in the order that I had wrote them. (ex. 1, then 2, then 3.)

Renovar Design Valentine 6

Each heart had a reason why I loved them. "Kid 2, I love you because..."

Renovar Design Valentine 5 

They absolutely loved it!!!♥

Renovar Design Valentine 7

So did the cats!

Renovar Design Valentine 8

(Just because I thought it was adorable how here socks looked after a long day as a 4th graderl!)

Renovar Design Valentine 9

Then, Kid 2 re-purposed the balloons for a gift for me! ♥ (Yes, I cried!) ♥ (...because I am emotional like that.)

Renovar Design Valentine 11 Renovar Design Valentine 12

And because they both STILL talk about how much they loved it ~ I am doing it again this year! (Kid 1 - 16 & Kid 2 -12 & I have a new husband and will do how many Valentine's we have celebrated together -5) The hardest part is fitting ALL of the balloons in the car and hoping that they don't pop! I did buy 6 extra that year & only 1 had popped :) I just added blank hearts onto those to add to the fun of the "hunt" for their names! Having so many balloons to buy this year ~ I may have to make 2 trips to Party City ~ but I think it will be so worth it!!
Have you done a unique Valentine's project with your family? Becca and I would LOVE (←intentional pun) to hear about what you did!
Hope you all enjoy Valentine's Day with your loved ones & I look forward to sharing a post again in March!

~jenny from Renovar Design

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