February 11, 2015

Always Never Done: Valentine’s Day Framed Heart Stencil

Hi everybody! Are we all making it through winter ok so far? If you are  on the east coast its BITTER cold in case you wondering. Let's think warm thoughts shall we.

This month I am going to show you how to make a really easy and cute piece of artwork  that you can make for Valentine's Day or just keep up year round if you are into hearts.

Valentine's Day Framed Heart Stencil-Always-Never-Done 7-1

Here is what you will need to start:

Red craft (on paint in your choice of color), A piece of white paper, A heart stencil (I got mine online a Royal Stencil Designs but you can get one at a craft store too), a stencil brush (chalk paint brushed work very well too.)

Valentine's-Day-Framed -Heart- Stencil-Always-Never-Done 1-1

I put some paint on an old dish and lightly dipped my brush into the paint. You don't want a lot of paint on your brush, just a little will do fine. Then hold you stencil in place and dab the brush over the stencil. I also go in circles lightly to cover the whole area nicely.

This is what it looks after you are done. I made 2 just in case. (Wash the brush and stencil immediately. It is much easier to clean the stencil before the paint dries on it.)

Valentine's-Day-Framed -Heart- Stencil-Always-Never-Done 1-3

After those are dry in a few minutes you can either cut your heart out or cut around the heart to leave a white paper border around it. Pick out some fun book scraping paper and then glue the heart onto the scrap booking paper. (I find it easier to get a really straight crisp line with a paper-cutter because I suck at cutting straight lines however using good old fashion scissors will do the job too if have a steady hand.)

Valentine's-Day-Framed -Heart- Stencil-Always-Never-Done 1-4
Now you are ready to frame you picture. I stock pile frames of all colors and sizes that I collect from Goodwill or craft stores. You just never know when you will want a handy frame.

The first picture is of the heart that I cut out.

Valentine's Day Framed  Heart Stencil-Always-Never-Done 5-1

In the second picture I left a small white section of white paper around the heart. 

Valentine's Day Framed  Heart Stencil-Always-Never-Done 6-1

This project took me a whopping 20 minutes, including dry time on the paint. It adds a cute touch of the upcoming holiday without being too over the top and when you get sick of them, just take out your heart pictures and put your normal pictures back in their place. 

Cute and simple. My kind of project. Have a great month G2B readers and I will see you next month.

XO- Amy

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