December 3, 2014

Renovar Design: From Baby Changing Duties to a Kitchen BEAUTY!

For those of you in the US, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!, Ours was small this year, but still really special. I'm so thrilled to introduce you to our final monthly contributor. It's Jenny from Renovar Design- you may already know of her, from her fantastic furniture transformations and upcycles! I know you'll love her creativity and bright personality.

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Hello friends!  I am not only thrilled, but also truly delighted to have the opportunity to be a new monthly contributor for Becca on From Gardners 2 Bergers!  Thanks Becca :)  I hope you all enjoy the DIY projects and crafting ideas that can help make your house into a home ~ on a budget!  I like to take pieces that may be outdated or no longer useful and transform them into beautiful, practical, useful pieces - on a budget!
baby changing table before
I am showing you how I took a baby changing table and made it into a kitchen island or dry bar if you fancy...I started out with a cherry finish baby changing table that I purchased from a thrift store.  Standard.  Cherry.  BORING!
disassemblydisassembly 2

I started by simply disassembling the safety edges (and put that into my scrap pile) and took out the drawers and took off the doors..

jenny sanding 

Then I gave it a good sanding and cleaning.

painting 1

I then painted it (except the top) using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I couldn't decide on a color, so I used two different colors to give it a two-tone look. The ASCP in old ochre and country grey. I didn't prime it and this was that time I wish I had.  It took 3 coats to get good coverage and with the price of a quart being over $30.00 I learned my lesson.  Despite the claims that it is not necessary to prime - I can say that I TOTALLY DISAGREE!!  Done.  Shocking to many, I know.  But I said it.  I said it because I found it to be true in a few projects.  I said it because I want to save you money too!  I am not saying don't buy or use ASCP - nope, not saying that at all.  I am simply suggesting that if you would have a need to apply two coats (or more) why not use a product first that is intended to prime AND costs less than 20 for a gallon? Seems like simple math to me.  I have primed every project since this one.
mixing colors
I custom mixed some of the paint and used it for a pop of color on the inside of the drawers and the inside cabinet when you open the door.  
pop of color

I didn’t measure but I used the provence mixed with the old ochre.

Then, I tiled the top.  Tiling can seem so intimidating to some.  I think it is one of the easiest DIY projects ever.  It is great for beginners too! I used an all-in-one mortar/grout product making it go faster and even easier.  I spread a nice thick layer of grout on - sort of like the consistency of icing.  
tiling 3

I worked in small sections using a 12 x 12 glass mosaic tile that I got on clearance from a home improvement store. This is my first time using this type of tile and I can assure you it made this project fly by.  All I had to do was use a utility knife to cut the mesh to size and since the pattern was random, I didn't have a pattern to match up.  So, there I went.  Tiling.
tile grout
I did let it dry overnight before I put the grout on.You simply use the grout float and spread it on at an angle. I then used a sponge and wiped it off again, at an angle, frequently rinsing the sponge out in a bucket of water until the tile was clean.
drawer before
Then I did the drawers. These were a hot mess and then a happy accident.  
(I apologize, I didn't take pictures: because -A-  I did this project when the idea of blogging was still a pipe dream -B- I couldn't since I was frustrated and spent 2 days just on the drawers.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!  This entire project should have only took 2 days - dang drawers!)  The long and short of it-I thought the inserts were glass. I am messy and I am not patient.  I didn’t tape anything off.  I painted all over it - assuming that I could scrape it off.  WRONG!!!!!!!  It was plexi-glass. Lesson learned. This is also one of those few times in life when you have to suck it up and admit that the hubs was right, I was wrong.  There.  done.  Publicly.  Another lesson learned (don't let the hubs be right and you don't have to publicly admit it.) So, when I decided to scrape off all that paint - I scratched the heck outta the plexiglass.  RUINED.  But this is where the story takes a beautiful turn.  You see, I had a product on-hand called Gallery Glass.  A wonderful product that I have used in a few homes when I have had a window that I want to allow natural light in, but needed privacy.  So, I used the etching medium and dabbed it on with a small stencil brush.  It dried beautifully and I came out victorious!   HA!
finished drawer fronts and finishing touches
Then, I used the ASCP clear wax over the entire piece. I wasn't happy.  Of course not, why would I be?  I am like never completely pleased and I can't leave well enough alone.
dark wax

So, I pulled out the dark wax and went to town.  Then I buffed, and buffed, and buffed it to a shiny finish .
texture detail
The original wood knobs were spray painted in a hammered metal and done.  Finally. Only took 4 days.  I say 4 days lightly since I wasted a lot of my time on the drawers. A close up of the details...
baby changing table repurposed in booth
That is my story about:  this one time, when I took a baby changing table and turned into a magnificent kitchen island (or dry bar if you will.)  
Then I sold it.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to look at a piece of furniture in a new light and find a new function for it if it doesn’t work for you! Don't forget to get connected via my blogPinterestFacebook and Insta.

Until next time friends,


  1. Great example of creativity! Love all the different colors and the texture with the mosaic!

    1. Isn't it lovely?! Jenny has a really colorful aesthetic- she's an awesome new addition to the team! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, what a crack up you are Jenny! I loved how you told all the mistakes you made during this project, keepin' it real girl! I appreciate that because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know certain things or the only one who makes mistakes like that!

    And Becca, thanks for having such awesome contributors to your blog! =)


    1. Isn't Jenny the cutest!? I felt like I was right along for the ride-- the ups and downs.
      Thanks for welcoming Jenny to the team! :)


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