December 3, 2014

Renovar Design: From Baby Changing Duties to a Kitchen BEAUTY!

For those of you in the US, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!, Ours was small this year, but still really special. I'm so thrilled to introduce you to our final monthly contributor. It's Jenny from Renovar Design- you may already know of her, from her fantastic furniture transformations and upcycles! I know you'll love her creativity and bright personality.

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Hello friends!  I am not only thrilled, but also truly delighted to have the opportunity to be a new monthly contributor for Becca on From Gardners 2 Bergers!  Thanks Becca :)  I hope you all enjoy the DIY projects and crafting ideas that can help make your house into a home ~ on a budget!  I like to take pieces that may be outdated or no longer useful and transform them into beautiful, practical, useful pieces - on a budget!
baby changing table before
I am showing you how I took a baby changing table and made it into a kitchen island or dry bar if you fancy...I started out with a cherry finish baby changing table that I purchased from a thrift store.  Standard.  Cherry.  BORING!
disassemblydisassembly 2

I started by simply disassembling the safety edges (and put that into my scrap pile) and took out the drawers and took off the doors..

jenny sanding 

Then I gave it a good sanding and cleaning.

painting 1

I then painted it (except the top) using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I couldn't decide on a color, so I used two different colors to give it a two-tone look. The ASCP in old ochre and country grey. I didn't prime it and this was that time I wish I had.  It took 3 coats to get good coverage and with the price of a quart being over $30.00 I learned my lesson.  Despite the claims that it is not necessary to prime - I can say that I TOTALLY DISAGREE!!  Done.  Shocking to many, I know.  But I said it.  I said it because I found it to be true in a few projects.  I said it because I want to save you money too!  I am not saying don't buy or use ASCP - nope, not saying that at all.  I am simply suggesting that if you would have a need to apply two coats (or more) why not use a product first that is intended to prime AND costs less than 20 for a gallon? Seems like simple math to me.  I have primed every project since this one.
mixing colors
I custom mixed some of the paint and used it for a pop of color on the inside of the drawers and the inside cabinet when you open the door.  
pop of color

I didn’t measure but I used the provence mixed with the old ochre.

Then, I tiled the top.  Tiling can seem so intimidating to some.  I think it is one of the easiest DIY projects ever.  It is great for beginners too! I used an all-in-one mortar/grout product making it go faster and even easier.  I spread a nice thick layer of grout on - sort of like the consistency of icing.  
tiling 3

I worked in small sections using a 12 x 12 glass mosaic tile that I got on clearance from a home improvement store. This is my first time using this type of tile and I can assure you it made this project fly by.  All I had to do was use a utility knife to cut the mesh to size and since the pattern was random, I didn't have a pattern to match up.  So, there I went.  Tiling.
tile grout
I did let it dry overnight before I put the grout on.You simply use the grout float and spread it on at an angle. I then used a sponge and wiped it off again, at an angle, frequently rinsing the sponge out in a bucket of water until the tile was clean.
drawer before
Then I did the drawers. These were a hot mess and then a happy accident.  
(I apologize, I didn't take pictures: because -A-  I did this project when the idea of blogging was still a pipe dream -B- I couldn't since I was frustrated and spent 2 days just on the drawers.  TWO WHOLE DAYS!  This entire project should have only took 2 days - dang drawers!)  The long and short of it-I thought the inserts were glass. I am messy and I am not patient.  I didn’t tape anything off.  I painted all over it - assuming that I could scrape it off.  WRONG!!!!!!!  It was plexi-glass. Lesson learned. This is also one of those few times in life when you have to suck it up and admit that the hubs was right, I was wrong.  There.  done.  Publicly.  Another lesson learned (don't let the hubs be right and you don't have to publicly admit it.) So, when I decided to scrape off all that paint - I scratched the heck outta the plexiglass.  RUINED.  But this is where the story takes a beautiful turn.  You see, I had a product on-hand called Gallery Glass.  A wonderful product that I have used in a few homes when I have had a window that I want to allow natural light in, but needed privacy.  So, I used the etching medium and dabbed it on with a small stencil brush.  It dried beautifully and I came out victorious!   HA!
finished drawer fronts and finishing touches
Then, I used the ASCP clear wax over the entire piece. I wasn't happy.  Of course not, why would I be?  I am like never completely pleased and I can't leave well enough alone.
dark wax

So, I pulled out the dark wax and went to town.  Then I buffed, and buffed, and buffed it to a shiny finish .
texture detail
The original wood knobs were spray painted in a hammered metal and done.  Finally. Only took 4 days.  I say 4 days lightly since I wasted a lot of my time on the drawers. A close up of the details...
baby changing table repurposed in booth
That is my story about:  this one time, when I took a baby changing table and turned into a magnificent kitchen island (or dry bar if you will.)  
Then I sold it.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to look at a piece of furniture in a new light and find a new function for it if it doesn’t work for you! Don't forget to get connected via my blogPinterestFacebook and Insta.

Until next time friends,