December 10, 2014

Always Never Done: Small DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees

pine cone tree-always-never-done
Hello G2B readers and friends. Now that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are all said and done, it’s time for CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Woot Woot! Can you tell I have been a little excited. So to start off the holiday season I decided to make some cute little decorative trees. I mean who doesn’t want a cute little tree sitting around the house that they made. Am I right or am I right?!?
Welcome to the pinecone décor treatment. Pinecone’s are just synonymous with the holidays in my eyes so I chose to make a pinecone shaped Christmas tree. (a small table sized one of course). Might I add they are FREE. I picked mine out of my neighbors yard. I don’t think they minded :)
- First you need a Styrofoam cone. Whatever size you want.

You will also need pine cones, some brown paint (to paint the Styrofoam cone), a glue gun and some gold spray paint (if you want to add a little color to your pine cones).
christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 13
Then I took my cone and glued it down into a small clay pot. (I found this cute one at a yard sale but you can get them at craft stores as well.)  Then I painted the cone a brownish color so that you can’t see the cone after the pinecones have been glued on.
christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 12
I started at the bottom and hot glued the slightly larger pinecones around the base. (I would do one pinecone at a time and put pressure on the pine cone after hot gluing so that it pushed into the Styrofoam a little bit.)
christmas-pine-cone-tree--always-never-done 13
Then using smaller pinecones, work your way up the cone saving the smallest ones for the top row. I saved a really nicely shaped pinecone for the very top and sat it upright to complete the pyramidal look of a tree.
christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 16

This was ridiculously easy to create and I think it looks really elegant especially when grouped with other trees.
christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 18

You can see how I made the other trees -here-

christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 20
christmas-craft-diy-trim-tree-always-never-done 17
I hope you all have a very merry holiday!! Have fun gettin’ crafty:)