October 1, 2014

Anthro Hack | Hoop Mirror

Hello, dear friends! Things have been moving along at an incredible pace. My business has really taken off, I just feel so fortunate. I am back in California pitching my product to get it on shelves in stores. By this time next week we will be in two new locations! :D I got some project photos back recently and I am dying to show you! I'll get them in an post ASAP.
This was a 5 minute project, that you're going to love. See, Anthropologie sells this completely beautiful HOOP MIRROR. Of course it gorgeous- and I would love to buy it. But that's just not in the cards right now- so instead you can make your own for 2% of the cost. Here's how-


  • Wood Embroidery Hoops, 4-Inch- or whatever size you want.
  • Cheap craft Round Glass Mirror 4"  or an old mirror you're recycling. Mirror should be the same size as the hoop, try not to get one too much smaller.
  • Paint/Stain for the Hoop. I used this.
  • Mirror Glue- if desired.


  1. Paint/Stain your embroidery hoop.
  2. Throw out the interior hoop- you only need the exterior/larger one
  3. If desired- Carefully place glue around the exterior edges of the mirror
  4. Insert the mirror into the larger/exterior hoop. Tighten the hoop around the mirror. [I didn't even bother with the glue, since it just hangs on my wall and feels pretty sturdy after the hoop was tightened.]

That's all there is to it. The super easy peasy way to hack Anthropolgie's gorgeous hoop mirror. I think I'll put it byeside my bed, I think it will look amazing next to some vintage art I scored. It feels great to do something crafty again- all business and no DIY makes Bec a dulllll girl! ;) 


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