August 6, 2014

Houseologie: DIY Rustic Glam Bulletin Board Accessories

I am so excited to introduce you to a new favorite blogger, Leigh Anne from Houseologie! After seeing her fa-u-lous Hallway Makeover in our Handmade Hangout Linky Party- I had to have her come share with us! I know you will enjoy her fresh style and creativity, as much as I do!

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Hi There! I'm Leigh Anne, the creative mind behind Houseologie. I'm so excited and honored to be contributing here at FromG2B! Becca is the sweetest and I'm very thankful to her for having me here.

Recently I've had back-to-school on my mind. I know, I know it's hard to believe Summer is almost over. At least for us it is. My kiddos go back to school this coming Monday. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Since school is so close and an organized home is the best way to start out, I've been working on projects that will help us transition to a routine.

Today I'm going to share with you my Rustic Glam bulletin board accessories.

Rustic Glam BB Accessories 9

These wood slice push pins and covered clothespin holders are so easy to make and they add a little fun personality to your bulletin board. You can check out the bulletin board I made from an upcycled crib end over at Houseologie today.

Rustic Glam BB Accessories Collage

For the rustic wood slice pushpins I bought a package of wood slices at my local craft store for around $4 and the gold tacks for $1. I used hot glue to attach the tacks to the back and voila!, you're done! You can embellish them however you wish. I used a gold Sharpie Paint Pen on a few of mine and let the kids personalize a few of their own.

Rustic Glam BB Accessories 7 Rustic Glam BB Accessories 6

For the glam covered clothespins I used some scrapbook paper with gold foil accents. I laid the clothespins on the back of the scrapbook paper and traced them. Then I cut out each sliver of paper and hot glued it to the clothespins. So easy!

Rustic Glam BB Accessories 10 Rustic Glam BB Accessories 8

You can use the pins however you choose. I used some Command picture hanging stickies to add some to the side of my bulletin board.

I love how easy these bulletin board accessories are and you can't beat the price! Adding little touches like this to otherwise boring bulletin boards is so much fun!

Rustic Glam BB Accessories 9

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Thanks for hanging with me today at Beccas's fabulous blog and I hope you'll visit me over at Houseologie!