August 20, 2014

A Week from Thursday: Indulge in a Homemade Frappuccino

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our Contributor Team: Heidi from A Week from Thursday. Heidi is darling, with her "A Little Crafty and Mostly Delicious" blog. You will love her unpretentious style and delicious recipes.

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Frappuccino Final

Hi everyone! It’s Heidi from A Week from Thursday. I’d like to send a thank you to Becca for letting me write my first contributor post!

I’m a long-time coffee lover, but it’s too hot out for a warm cup of joe. So to help you cool off and re-energize, I thought I’d share one of my favorite icy coffee recipes. This recipe is comparable to everyone’s favorite big-chain icy coffees. It’s so quick to whip up and it’s way cheaper to make them at your home instead of paying upwards of $4.50 at the cafe.

As with any coffee, go ahead and customize this recipe to your liking. Do you want more sugar or milk? Go ahead and add more! Substitute the simple syrup for splenda or another coffee syrup. It’s a very forgiving recipe, so pretend you’re in a Starbucks and make your favorite complicated drink that you love to order.

Frappuccino 2

This is already a super-fast drink to whip up, but I like to make sure I’ve made my chilled coffee and simple syrup ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure your coffee is very strong, because it gets watered down with the ice. The best way to do this is to double-brew it. I make a big pot for the week. I also prepare the simple syrup ahead of time too. It’s just one part water, one part sugar. That way, when I’m craving a frappuccino, I don’t have to make these things and wait for them to cool.

Frappuccino 3

You’ll need a blender and some xanthan gum for this recipe. Xanthan gum is a baking ingredient that helps bind food together, but it particularly adds viscosity to liquids. You won’t want to skip this because it’s what gives the frapuccino that whipped, well-combined consistency that you find at a coffee shop. You can usually find xanthan gum in the gluten-free baking section of a grocery store.

Frappuccino 5

Homemade Frappuccino Recipe

Time: Less than 5 minutes, if coffee and syrup are prepared ahead of time.

Yields: Two 16 oz. frappuccinos


¼ cup milk of your choice (I used 2%)

1 ¼ cup strong, double-brewed coffee, chilled

¼ cup simple syrup, chilled

¼ tsp. xanthan gum

8 ice cubes


Throw all of the ingredients into a blender and whip for about one minute on the icy drink or smoothie setting. Pour and drink immediately.

And what’s a fancy frappuccino without whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce drizzled over it? This recipe yields two 16 oz. drinks. How’s that for bang for your buck? You can half it if you only want to make one.

Frappuccino 3

I’ll be back next month with more delicious recipes, but in the mean time, you can find me at A Week from Thursday, where I share more recipes, DIYs, and write about living in Brooklyn.

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