July 2, 2014

Guest Post: 5 Best DIY Bathroom Projects

Hello! I am Anna from My Bathrooms blog. If your bathroom needs some TLC this year and you are determined to do a lot of the work yourself, here are some ideas for bathroom D-I-Y projects, I recently came across these wonderful blog posts which I just couldn’t resist sharing!

Store It!

This is a fantastic idea from shanty-2-chic for a custom-made storage unit which, conveniently, boasts a full-length mirror which is great for checking your appearance before going out! Obviously, your bathroom may have different dimensions to those used by the blogger, so make sure that you measure your bathroom and work out exactly how much space you will have for your unit, amending the specifications before you begin to put together your version.

What a Shower!

This enterprising blogger at Apartment Therapy did not like the look or design of the many ready-to-use shower pans that can be found at D-I-Y stores, preferring to create a built-in shower pan, complete with gently sloping floor leading to a neat drain. This project is definitely not for the complete novice, but should be manageable by anyone with some experience with cement and brick-laying. With this type of project careful attention must be paid to the layout and appearance of the shower pan as any amateurish mistakes will be quite glaring once the project is complete.

Mirror Magic

Rather than go out and buy the type of bathroom mirror that everyone else seems to have, this blogger from Centsational Girl created her very own, entirely unique and utterly beautiful framed mirror for her small bathroom. The beauty of doing it herself meant that she could, very precisely, procure a mirror that is exactly right for the size and shape of the bathroom. While this may seem like a small thing, in décor it is often getting such features exactly right that makes the décor work or not! She also found that making the mirror herself cost her a lot less than she would have otherwise paid for a ready-to-hang mirror.

Topping Toilet!

In very small bathrooms, the top of the toilet is often the only available space for space toilet rolls or a small vase of flowers or pot plant. Some modern manufacturers have overlooked this usefulness and made toilets with slippery sleek and curved cistern lids! This blogger got around this nuisance by making a fitted tray that sits neatly atop the loo, ready to hold pretty much anything that she needs it to! Adapt her design to fit in with your bathroom décor, by using your chosen colors and picking out handles that blend seamlessly with your décor scheme. For details you can visit A Stroll Thru Life and checkout this post in detail.

Roll Through Life

Most of us will have seen something like this handy loo-roll holder at some point in our lives, but perhaps few of us will have realized just how handy it can be having this extra storage, especially in very small and cramped bathrooms. This is an ideal project for D-I-Y novices to try out, being easy to make and not likely to take very long at all! Thank you Make It & Love It for sharing this project with us!