July 28, 2014

Feature: Hey Natalie Jean's Manhatten Flat

Zack and I are still in Cali for business- and, may I say, we are killing it! It is thrilling to shout out to my virtual friends that we have been getting sales every single day this month!! Hooray! I look for the email announcing sales throughout the day, every day, and once it comes, I look for the next one. I am an email obsessed nutcase, because it means it is happening!! Sales! A business!

eclectic dining room by nat the fat rat

As for other things...like the bloggity, I thought some eye candy was in order, sort of like a celebration for all of us! Today I'm featuring Hey Natalie Jean's, of formerly Nat the Fat Rat, Manhattan flat. I've shared a few images of her place over the last two years- but for the whole enchilada, you have to go and visit.

modern kids by nat the fat rat

Do you love it? I know- me too, me too! Images from here and here and here. Stop by Tuesday for party features!

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