July 6, 2014

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Zack and I are in California for the next month doing Weatherwood! Things are moving along so well with the business, but it is keeping us so busy! I have some fun guest posts coming this month to help fill in, but I'm sharing a project from the archives today.

I want to share with you guys the centerpiece art I made for my gallery wall. This is how it looked for probably months! Woops! I needed something to fill the largest frame right in the center of my wall. Here's my inspiration- see below. These prints are all over Etsy. This is one of a {literally} 1016 of great examples! This style is my fav. Love how the letters are from unusual items, love the water spouts! Like you just walked around the city with your camera!

I looked for online for ages trying to find a stash of letters to use. But in the end I realized I would need to go a little more traditional and use letters from signs and buildings, you know if I didn't want to pay for the letters. And I didn't want to...so...the letters and numbers are from the nicest photographer ever. This dude, Leo Reynolds, who allows people to use his letters and numbers as long as it's only for personal use! So rad, right?! Thanks Leo!

K, guys, this project is so easy!  You can just whip it up on Word.
As a side note, I am totally loving Microsoft Publisher. It's part of the Microsoft home office tools and also comes free with Word for Mac. You can do everything on there! Make business cards, blog headers, format a poster to create Subway Art- basically, whatever you want. Love. It.

  1. Open a blank document and select the size you'd like the collage to to be.
  2. Transfer the pic to your document by either:  dragging digital images onto a MSPublisher doc or save to computer and upload each one.
  3. Then size them either by double clicking in the pic and selecting the sizes or dragging the corner of the pic to get the right size.
  4. Then place them into a grid

It took me some time to decide on what which letters to use and what I may like the most vs what would look the best on an already busy wall. I printed this guy up at Costco. Cost me $3.14. Not too shabby! I am really happy with the end result. I think it both stands out in a complicated wall, while simultaneously not drawing too much attention from all the smaller pieces. The rest of the gallery wall can be found here!

Thanks for checking out my post and don't forget to come back for last week's party features tomorrow. 

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