July 9, 2014

Always Never Done: Faux Antique 3 Tier Table

Hello friends it’s Amy from Always Never Done. I have been a busy girl this month, hunting for treasures at yards sales till I turn blue in the face. This month I am going to show you how to take an unfinished table, found at a yard sale, and turn it into an aged beauty with gel stain and spray paint.

It’s a super easy process that looks incredible when it’s all said and done.

Now that looked really nice and all after it dried but I wasn’t ready to stop after the stain. It needed something more. So, I took a finishing sander block and very lightly sanded over the stained part to allow spray paint to adhere properly and then I spray painted over the stained shelves. Why you ask would I ruin a perfectly good stained piece of furniture?!? Because it’s a great way to give furniture a distressed look. (Below is the spray paint I used and then the protective Urethane finish spray I used.)

After you get a good coat or 2 of spray paint to cover the stain (doesn’t need to be completely covered) you let it dry and then you sand over the spray painted areas to let the some of the dark stain show through. I sanded the edges really good to make it look nice and worn and I sanded in all directions so that it didn’t look to uniform. I must say it was incredibly easy.
Faux-Antique-Table-Always-Never-Done 7

For the legs I used chalk paint and a dry brush and just lightly went back forth in a side to side motion to brush paint onto the legs. I was careful to not cover all of the legs with paint and let the wood underneath show through.

To finish the table off I spray a coat of Helmsan spray top coat in a clear satin over the whole piece.

There you have it! This took me a few hours from start to finish only because I had to let the paint and stain dry in between coats. But the actual time I spent painting was probably 25 minutes. This is an incredibly Incredibly easy alternative to get a faux distressed finish. Try it!!!