May 18, 2014

Chevron Rubber Stamped Tea Towels

DIY Rubber Stamped Tea Towel

Hey all! Zack and I are on a huge sales trip for Weatherwood, we're pitching our product to professional designers, architects and builders in Tahoe, San Fran, Portland and Seattle! Things are busy, but super great. Wish us luck, ok?!  In the meantime, I'll share a sweet little DIY Rubber Stamped Tea Towel. Isn't it cute?

DIY Rubber Stamped Tea Towel

This was a 10 minute project perfect for when you want instant gratification or have only a brief break to get crafty!! You can make this project or something similar with only a few materials:

DIY Rubber Stamped Tea Towel

I used a razor knife to carve a chevron shape into a regular old pink eraser. Then I cut the excess eraser from around the chevron, leaving a perfect "V" shape. As you can see in the above photo, I only cut about half way down onto the eraser, to give room to hold the eraser when using it as a stamp. Now you're ready to stamp away!

DIY Rubber Stamped Tea Towel

There you have it- a simple little project that's so easy, it would be perfect for you and your kiddo to do together or to give away as gifts.

DIY Fabric Softener and Printable Label

These towels are so cute, I actually made that towel and a few more like it! I tried stamping chevrons  across the bottom and in stripes. You can see one I made in the above pic for DIY Fabric Softener and Printable Label, too.

It would be super simple to carve out other shapes and symbols. Remember this little project with number 2 erasers stamps?? I hope you're inspired to make your own!

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