April 21, 2014

▪Anthro▪ Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]

Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]

I'm watching Bridget Jones as I'm writing this. What in the heck does it mean to, "ponce"? I have never heard of that, but they keep saying it to each other. Anyway, I love to watch a good movie, snuggled up to my man and, right now, I'm resting on my new knock off pillow. You could buy any old pillow from the store if you like, but here's the thing, you never know how good a pillow is until you lay your aching head upon it. And you've got to worry about it coordinating with your space and all that. You know what I mean? Now with that said, read on for the pillows of comfort and relish in my joy as you see how I made these cozy little treats unique and color coordinated. 
Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]
I love nearly everything Anthro. this darling tassel pillow included! Unfortunately for Anthro, YET fortunately for YOU, this baby is a piece of cake to hack. Let me show you how:

Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]


Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]


  1. Measure out the placement of your fringe. I did my placement every four inches from the top of the pillow and it measure out perfectly. You can use chalk to keep track of the fringe placement. 
  2. Use straight pins to tack the fringe into place. You can cross a 18 in pillow 4 times with two yards of fringe. If you want to mimix Anthro, you should get 8 yards, where I wanted something a little simpler.
Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]

3. Use Tacky Glue to affix the fringe to your pillow cover or tack it to the cover with thread.

Start to finish the whole projects take less than 30 minutes and costs less than 10 bucks! 
Not too shabby, eh?

Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]

Anthro Tassel Trace Pillow [Hack]

Now you can see, if you want to make you're own version, it's really a piece of cake. You can choose the tassels I used, or some that look a little more like the inspiration, either way, it's the same steps and so, so easy. I only glued my tassels on, and I haven't had any problems with it at all. However, I did use the smaller fringe. 
What have you hacked lately?

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