January 14, 2014

DIY Gilded Envelopes

It's the time of year when we write real letter on real paper-for real people. Letter of love, thanks, and gratitude for those we cherish. I had a few packs of cards, but they didn't feel very...special. Nothing makes something feel more special than does gold. Here's an easy way to add a little glam to your stationary!


  • Stamp Pad
  • Pack of Cards or Stationary


  • Lay one open envelope flap on top of another, with a 1/4 in rim of the first envelope exposed. 
    • *Note second envelope will be scrap afterwards. If this is an issue, then use a piece of paper the shape of the envelope flap instead.
  • Lay the exposed edge on the stamp pad and tap down lightly. 
  • Dry before using.

With the method I used I would have had one envelope as scrap because a lot of the flap was covered in gold ink. Instead, I covered the entire flap in gold. It took a bit longer to dry, but it was pretty. Don't you think it adds a little something to that solo pineapple? 

In the end, I had some envelope flaps that were covered, others that had a medium-sized ring and some that were lightly rimmed. I love how each is now different- and special. It's exactly what I was going for- a way for those who received them to know I had taken care with their notes of love. Not bad for the dollar bin at Michael's, right?

I'm looking to add monthly contributors to the blog, email me if you're interested.

It always feels like bloggers hibernate around the holidays. Come back out and play! I've missed you, friends!

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