December 13, 2013

Framing your Christmas Cards

So, I freaking love Christmas. I love the smells, the lights, the glitter, the ornaments, and the sparkles. You know what I hate? 
I hate thousands of cards littering my fridge door. I especially hate when I close the door and they all fall down and scatter on my kitchen floor. I also hate that some slip under the stove, never to be seen again. I saw this DIY project on TV, where someone put all their pics in a frame, so I thought I'd give it a go. It has alleviated some my cluttered card burden and brought the cheer back to my merry heart. 

Now this year, things are different. I got myself a huge frame from DI (thrift store) for less than a buck and I gave it some shine and shimmer with my new fav spray paint. (It's going to be a very gold Christmas, as ever-y-thing is being gilded!! *squeal!*.)

I used some photo wire and strung it across the back of the frame. That way I can attach the photos with tape to the wire. I just used some pliers to wrap the wire around the existing staples that hold the frame together. Easy, I mean seriously e-asy!

You can see this prior gem on the table-although it's setting a little crooked. I really love this snow globe ornament. It's been a favorite for two years now and it was so easy to make!

As the days go on, the frame is filling more and more with this year's holiday cheer. Now all these gorgeous Christmas cards from my beloved friends and family are on display. What do you think? How do you show off your holiday cards? Here's Zack and my 2013 card showing some of our many travels. I love this job and all of you!

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