July 20, 2012

✥ UT Blogger Social Recap ✥

Oh my goodness.
You guys.
I had so much FUN at the Utah Bloggers Dinner!

Lindsay {via Southern Lovely} and I were thrilled to meet up with several local bloggers. We had so much fun chatting it up and eatin good grub at the Brick Oven in Provo.
{Too bad we took this pic while gals were at the salad bar- but we tried to get at least one before we stuffed our faces!}

Lindsay and I had never met in "real" life before- but truthfully, I felt like I had known her my whole life. You know how that happens every once in a great while?  I could not have asked for a better girl to put this little shindig together with. She rocked the house in a major way and I was totally thrilled to know her in real life!

So many talented ladies showed up and I feel like I made a ton of great friends. It was fantastic!
It was exactly what I was looking for- friends who understand the what an SEO is... and the importance of social networking. Gals who would rather paint walls than their nails.  I can't speak for anyone else-
but I was totally blown away by how great all the girls were and ow fun the night was!
I guess I was feeling nervous to meet all new people and about how things would go, but {thankfully} it exceeded my expectations!!!

I had TONS of fun with these darling friends- {it's me}, Beth from Free Stylin &
 Erin from Lavender and Lemon Drops!
Beth is hilarious and such a treat to talk with! She runs a crafty, DIY and design blog. We both have a background in social work- so it's too funny that we both blog about design.
Erin runs a DIY and design blog- that I've been a fan of for months and months. We both love us some knock offs- so I was first drawn to her for that. I love how her casual and friendly approach to blogging. She has great style and taste, so you can always count on her to round up beautiful ideas.

Amanda from Burlap and Denim
Ruth from What's Cooking With Ruthie
I have "known" Amanda for quite some time- and adore her work. She is crazy, ridiculously talented and has a crafty DIY and design blog! {A girl after my own heart!}
Ruth is a brand new buddy- I luv her blog story- she writes a fab food blog and it's named after her grandmother's cooking TV show from the 60's, with the same title. Too cool!

Mary from Casey~Mary~GerretMarissa from Raegun Ramblings  &
Elisabeth from La Vita Bella
Mary is totally funny and a super cute local blogger and a close friend of mine- we went to church together and worked in the nursery. If that's not a bonding experience, I do NOT know what is!!. She writes a family and lifestyle blog.
Marissa is a sweetheart- she is totally outgoing and a great networker! I've linked up at her Wednesday party for months now. Her blog is full of great sewing ideas and recipes. I may have to take her up on the offer she made to teach me to sew-- but see what I mean? She's so nice to offer!
Elisabeth is also a new friend- but she is so sweet and a friendly, outgoing person. She is fantastic at making contacts and making people comfortable. She writes a fun and quirky lifestyle blog.

Aimee from Granite Gurus and Vintage Radness &
Tonii from Blue Skies Above
Aimee is actually a friend of mine from Boston/childhood- though she moved away in high school and we both happened to end up in Utah of all places. She writes a couple of blogs- one about kitchens and then a fun and cheeky blog about vintage items.
Tonii runs a fantastic blog with great ideas for families- like family night activities, games and events for kids and recipes. She is adorable and her blog is so super cute- if you have kids you need to check it out!

{from left to right} Ruthie, Aimee, Tonii,
& Debra from Housewife Eclectic
Debra is a brand new resident of Utah. I know she just rolled in to town 4 days prior and we were stoked she made the effort to come! Too bad she had her camera on her all night, I guess she didn't pose for any other pics. Her blog is filled with cute crafts tutorials, photography and book reviews.

The round up...

Amanda ● Elisabeth ● Ruthie ● Aimee ● Tonii ● Debra Marissa Lindsay ● Me ●Erin ● Beth ● Mary

Now, check out the line up of super rad sponsors! ☺

We were able to give away 6 {!!!} frames from Cut it Out- they are the cutest things ever and I adore the fun shapes. Krityn from Lil Luna was a doll to work with to get this set up- talk about friendly and helpful!

So in this dorky candid pic I was conducting the drawing for our winners!! Debra and Mary were the lucky winners!

I made up little gift bags to hand out the rest of the swag.

Check out the oh so generous giveaways! 

Honestly, I was a little so honored that companies would support our little dinner. I mean, yeah- we do have a bunch of subscribers, especially between all our blogs- but it was just lil ol Lindsay and I hoping to have a fun get together. So I feel touched they took the chance that people would show up!
I owe a BIG "thank you" to each of you!

I loved that we were able to share ideas- and tips. Like this impromptu camera lesson happening in the background. I learned a lot about blogging- had some questions answered. It was great to discuss sponsors and ad networks. Things that are difficult to figure out on your own.

Thanks again, to Lindsay, for all her help and for everyone who showed up.
I truly thought each person who came was a total sweetheart and I was super excited to get to know them beyond all our blog correspondances. It's funny how blogging only shows limited parts of someone's personality, you know? These gals are even better in person! Loved it! Even for someone like me, who's kinda shy, it was a blast!
 I am itching to do something like this again! In fact a company approached me about doing it at their venue. Who would want to come?


  1. looks like so much fun! and i have lots of blogs to check out! saving so i can come back later to see! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your blogging dinner and how exciting you had companies sponsoring the event. I think we need to do this in Ohio!

  3. Parabéns estas reuniões são como um marco de amizade e carinho.(inveja).Não sei o que aconteceu você entrou na minha lista de leitura 7 vezes seguidas,com esta mesma postagem,acho que Internet pirou.

  4. It looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there. I'd certainly be interested in attending another time...maybe a little closer to the SLC area??

  5. Oh! Wish I lived in UT! I'm trying to get a few bloggers together here, but it feels like for every 1 blogger we have in Eastern Wa, places like UT have 20! lol. Even a few would be fun to meet though. Glad you gals had a great time!

  6. Oh my goodness, this is such a good recap! Thanks for being my co-host for the night, I had to best time meeting you in real life, you are just as sweet as I thought you'd be!

  7. Awesome!!! Blogging friends are the best. Looks like you all had a great time :)

  8. Hey! I was in town! AND I was supposed to have lunch with Wendy Smedley on Thursday at the Brick Oven.........not sure when your meet up was. I would have LOVED to have come! Darn!

  9. How cool is that?! Meeting up with other bloggers is always fun! Wish you all did not live so far away.

  10. oh you are so nice. I had an absolute blast. It was my favorite meet up I've been a part of you guys were fantastic. ANd I am absolutely serious about teaching you to sew and maybe I can finagle some decor ideas out of you while you learn since I feel hopeless at that.


  11. oh I'd absolutely be in for another meet up!

  12. It was a blast and I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you :)


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