July 2, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: DIY Bedroom Brick Wall {I'm in love}✥

Here is the"after" of Erin's {Lavender and Lemon Drops} incredible DIY brick wall! Are you kidding me right now??! I loooove it! You will not believe the transformation this room has gone through! I am both in awe and super jealous of this fabulous brick- I mean, I am. This is my idea of a PERFECT bedroom backdrop! 
{Just try to tell me this is not a pin-able room!}

Erin's room is still a work in progress- so these aren't even true "after" pics. She has a headboard project planned, amongst other touches for the other side. But, I asked her to share this tutorial- because, even if it is a "progress" shot, IT LOOKS INCREDIBLE!!!


I’ve been promising a few “before” pictures of my bedroom…. well here they are in all their glory lol. Don’t be surprised that my bed isn’t made and there is a basket of unfolded laundry chilling in my room. I wasn’t about to load all 50 of my pillows on my bed and fold my clothes just to snap some before pictures ;)

This is the opposite angle of my room: I have a rather small room and a HUGE bed.

I’m almost finished painting so I’ve started searching for a few more items for my room. I’ve been looking for a new pendant light that is simple and sophisticated. I stumbled upon this new site that I LOVE calledAntique Farm House. As I was browsing around their site I found this lovely beauty……
Wired cage lights can be PRICEY but this had a tag of only $48 bucks! Are you kidding me? I added that thing to my cart and its on its way :) My Vision is slowly coming together!

It’s finally finished and I’m in LOVE! It took me a little longer than anticipated but that’s usually how my projects pan out! Here is the nitty gritty….
Brooke’s inspiration picture, and the faux brick wall that she created from it, were my inspiration. The messy brick look instantly captured my heart and became the missing piece for my room. I was determined to achieve this look!
:: source ::
 I purchased brick panels from Lowes and attached them to the wall using liquid nails and a nail gun.
 To give the wall a textured look I used joint compound in place of paint (Brooke used a white paint to cover the black grout and to create the “smeared” areas). To add extra depth and texture I used my finger to apply the compound to the grouted areas.

 I had to remind myself that I was after an imperfect look. The faster and thicker you layer it on the better it looks! After the grout was filled in I used a mud spatula to smear the compound in random areas. Again, aim for imperfection!
 Here is a little peak at what the room looks like with the bed against the wall. The missing piece was filled and my room finally has character! Here's a pic before my new bedding arrived- Oh-the kiddos love it, too!

Oh and just in case you were wondering…….

that’s what it looked like before! The wall looks SO much smaller and sad… really its screaming “add something marvelous to me please please please” ha!

A few more after pics of how my room looks now. I shared my bedroom vision here- I thought I would get a wide navy and white striped duvet, but ended up loving this one from West Elm!

Next up on the list: Reupholstering my headboard!! I found a great headboard for only 80 bucks! I plan to reupholster it, so I can get the exact look I showed my readers here.
Slowly but surely my room is coming together.

I hope you guys will stop by and visit me!


Did I tell you, or did I tell you?
Crazy awesome, right? Now- how many of you are trying to figure out, how you can have this look in your home? I am, as we speak, cursing my rental! Why, oh why can't I be just like Erin?!

Honestly- I would not mind have an entire side of my imaginary house done with this treatment. Like  having every room on the west {or whichever} side of the house done in faux brick. To emulate the look of an old, East Coast row home. Wouldn't that be dreamy?

Obviously you can tell she is super talented- but prove it to yourself- here's the link to her DIY posts. You will NOT be disappointed!