July 30, 2012

✥ Feature: Sleeping Porch ✥

Good day, dear friends! The hubs and I are still on vacation- living it up as we travel all over the western US. We've seen Yellowstone and the rain forest in Washington. Right now we are traveling down the Oregon coast, and heading towards Lake Tahoe. We've seen grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, elk, moose, mountain goats- and seen rivers and mountains! It has been quite the trip!
I came across this fantastic kitchen from Maple and Magnolia when it was featured at Whisper Wood Cottage and I believe it won their "all things kitchen" contest last winter. I think was published in Cottages and Bungalows, as a result. I'm sure you can totally see why- they warm gray walls, the crisp white upholstery and china.
Mix that with a few industrial elements and some warm wood or weathered wood- and I think you have the kitchen thousands of us are striving towards and would LOVE to see in our own homes! Am I right?
I think the real kicker is the gym basket storage center. I actually remember going to summer camp when I was 5, at my Dad's old high school, and they had gym baskets like this! Who would have thought they would become to chic?
The very best part- that's not even today's feature. See,  Susan is an incredibly talented decorator and her entire home is completely fabulous! When I saw her sleeping porch, I just about died! I mean, this is your porch? Can I have it for my very own bedroom, pretty, pretty please!!!
I think one of Susan's greatest decorating talents is knowing how to mix the right shapes to create an overall vision. If you look at the curves on the antique bed and the curves on the light with the round table and clock- it is a vision of white antique loveliness!! I know there are a ton of almost all white room fans among my readers- this room is for you!!
Just perfect for your guest to write come about their stay! I know you all adore the chippy old table, serving as a desk. It is the exact look tons of us try to replicate with various paint techniques.
The only pops of color come in pale aqua- found in a few glass vases and in a very pale vintage typewriter. There is just a faint floral pattern on the sheets, enough to add interest and dimension, but still creating a light and airy feel. Oh yeah, and some perfectly droopy tulips to add some pink, perfecting the shabby chic-ness!
I know you guys don't need me to point out all these lovely details, these rooms speak for themselves. I can bet you guys are already rushing over to Maple & Magnolia right now- to subscribe, and I don't blame you! I did the same! Hope you're enjoying your week, everyone! I am having a fantastic summer- get out there and get you some sun!


  1. Just beautiful. Have a great trip!

  2. You always have the best pictures of these beautiful homes!

  3. i have been a huge fan of susan's from day 1- she is SO talented! i have loved watching her turn her farmhouse into a dream!

  4. Oooo. Have fun along the OR coast! One of my fave places! Seaside is totally fun (as if you need one more place to stop, right?)

    East some salt water taffy for me!


  5. Becca,
    She has a lovely home!I have drooled over her photos for sometime now! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time!

  6. Susan is A-MAZING, talented, humble and FUN-E. She is one of a few bloggers I have met in real life. She is real and has a heart of gold.

  7. I LOVE that gym basket storage!! What a great idea!
    Glad to hear you're having a fun trip!
    Keep on having fun! :)

  8. Becca, you are just too kind. This made my day. Enjoy your trip! Thanks a million, Susan


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