June 11, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: Fabulous French Style Home ✥

Meet Des- she's the darling owner of Peeking thru the Sunflowers. Des blogs about her her vintage and antique finds, projects, and shares inspiring design photos. She has a beautiful home and I don't mind saying I am jealous of her gorgeous furnishings!!
I've asked her to share her living room, family room and her dining room with us today.
Here's a view into {what I believe} is her family room. I love the color scheme- and can you believe Des painted that gorgeous armoire herself? It turned out so beautifully!!
imageNotice her collection of canes in the antique galvanized container? Such a beautiful space- I love the color of this petite sofa and chair.image
I looove this shot of her home! Tell me this pic isn't pin-able! SO pretty!
Here you can see into the living room. The two rooms flow beautifully! I love the sconces that you can see in the next room.
 You guys! Just look at this gorgeous space!
 Each detail Des adds is chosen thoughtfully- each piece of art and each accessory.
These pillows were made from some antique grain sacks she had grabbed awhile back. Everyone loves them some grain sacks- so I know you guys will like them as much as I do!

Beautiful architectural details...
The rooms flow one into the next downstairs. You can see the dining room in the corner of this pic.
The table was handmade- you can check out the details here. The chairs, however, are from Restoration Hardware.
The dining room is so beautiful and serene. The rooms all feel different and unique but also unified by similar color schemes and window treatments.

This French baker's table holds more vintage collectibles.
Des is one talented lady to compose such a beautiful space. I love all these details.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful home Des! I am humbled to share your space with my friends over here!

As a side note-
When you guys have homes this beautiful I honestly, not for the life of me, can figure out why you follow my lil' blog! It seems crazy to me that anyone would want to see how I decorate my rental condo- when they live somewhere like this!
 {You guys know who I'm talking about- my friends out there- whose homes are beyond gorgeous!} Well, thanks for following, thanks for showing an interest! I'll be back in a day or so with a new project. I hope you guys stop by, and tell Des hi for me!