June 1, 2012

✥ Printer's Cabinet ✥

When Z asked me what I wanted for Christmas- 
I showed him a pic of this Restoration Hardware beut and then sent him to The Design Confidential. Yup- he had 2 choices. Drop 2 grand and buy me the gorgeous printer's cabinet- or make it himself. So a few weeks before Christmas we printed off the plans and went to buy supplies.   
Unfortunately that's all the was done on the cabinet for one, two, three, four, now five months. Not that I'm bagging on my man- I am NOT. He's is super, ridiculously busy- working like a madman to finish writing his book. 
Soooo, it was a small miracle when I walked into Downeast the other day and saw "MY" cabinet! Mine- like the very same one I have pinned and repinned, and leave as a pic on my desktop- reminding me tht one day it would be mine!! {all mine!}
The cabinet was marked at 1000- a few hundred more than Z and I figured we would pay to build. But I drag him there anyway- just to "look."
Can you see where this was going? Well Z talked with the sales dude- and in no time he found a way for us to pile up a  few discounts. See- there was a small gouge in the underside of the piece-and instead of the usual 10 percent off- Z worked his magic {he is a world class talker} and we got 2- percent off. Now we are down to 8000- right? 
THen the guy told us there is a local coupon floating around for 10 off. Sayw what? So we put "my" printer's cabinet on hold and set off to find the illusive coupon.

 Long, long story short- we found it. Monday morning I ran in and saved the additional 10 percent and paid  just over 700 for the piece. Proving sometimes- you do NOT have to DIY to get an awesome deal.
I may be in love with it- just a little. 

Downeast makes furniture but they also get castoffs from other brands- things that were returned or damaged. I am 99% sure mine is not from RH- but it's the exact measurements. So to be honest- I could not care less if this guy is brand name or not- it's solid wood- amd just what I wanted.
 In fact, I actually just saw the real RH cabinet this week for the first time- you know what? I like mine better. {Breathe huge sigh of relief!- Ahhh}

Not bad, huh? It's kinda like Christmas over here!

What deals have you gotten lately?


  1. It is gorgeous!!! I'd say you got a fantastic deal on it! :) Megan

  2. I'm glad you got a piece you love! Great job talking them down on the price, too ;-) I have to admit, though--I wish you had blogged about it BEFORE purchasing! I have $500 on a DownEast gift card that I would have loved to have traded you--I made a poor purchasing decision on a table earlier this year :-(

  3. wow. i don't even know what to say- i am stunned.... utterly amazingly awesome!

  4. I am drooling over this! I have the same printers cabinet pinned and want one myself. I don't think we have a downeast but now I want to scour the internet and drive to the closest one even if it is thousands of miles away. What a great deal! Way to hold out for such an amazing piece.

  5. So not to totally annoy you, but is it downeast, like this downeast? http://downeastbasics.com/location.aspx

    If so, there is one less than a half an hour away. I"m going there this week!

  6. You scored big time! That is a gorgeous piece! And it fits so well in your space! I'm seriously calling upon you when we move into our next place for decorating tips. You are the bomb, really. :)

  7. In. Love. With the piece AND the price. Awesome! And, sometimes, doesn't it just feel nice not to DIY something? :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. Becca, how stoked must you be right now!!! What a gorgeous cabinet. You make me want one. And solid timber too. Sigh. Love.

  9. Oh my gosh, I could not be more jealous! That thing is GORGEOUS! WOW! Merry Christmas friend!!!!

  10. Merry Christmas!!! So, so great! Sometimes finding exactly what you want for a steal is just as rewarding as making it. So great!!

  11. Great score Becca! This is a bee-you-ty piece! You will love this forever - what a statement it makes in any room! I may be in love with it...just a lot!! Have a great week :) Heather

  12. Love, love, love that! Don't you just love a good bargain, it somehow makes the furniture better:)

    Saw you were featured on Today's Creative, way to go!


  13. It's so true that when you add up the cost of materials, time and headaches, sometimes buying what you want already done is just the ticket. Good work on scoring the deal. That counts for a lot!

  14. I am not sure whether to hate you for scoring this - I want and need it! Ok, I'm over the hate - I am happy for you! Score - gotta love a good deal!

    Yes, I've scored big recently! From my $60 vintage glider to my $6 dresser to my $1.50 brand new embroidered pillow cover ... I do a happy dance every time!

    I'm sure you moonwalked across the store when you got this baby!

  15. That is such a great piece - lucky you!

  16. It's amazing. What a fantastic score!

  17. Love this post, please link it up with me Wednesday on Wow Us Wednesday.


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