April 16, 2012

✥ Reader Feature: Boy's Vintage Airplane Room ✥

 I hope you all had fabulous weekends!
 I think we're on a bedroom spree over here. We had a super romantic adult retreat last week, and before that we showcased the awesomely stylish  tween bedroom. 

Well today we get to see a super rad boy's room! I know you will love it- and you'll adore Kim, the gal who runs the show over at Too Much Time on my Hands!! I love her take on a airplane inspired bedroom, and just wait until you see the Anthro inspired dresser she refinished. I would put it in MY room!! Love.

Hey there From Gardners 2 Bergers readers! My name is Kim and I am running the house over at Too Much Time on My Hands.
I do lots of crafty decorating and creating, some cooking, lots of upcycling, just a big smorgasbord of fun and excitement.
I also host a linky party that starts every Friday evening and lasts through the weekend.
I am here today to show you my son's vintagey airplane bedroom redo.
I am tired!
This is the view into the room from the hallway. The map wreath found a home on the door.
This is the long wall across from the door and the closet. I really do love the headboard.
Like the paper airplane I painted on the wall? The trail is electrical tape! Found the idea here in this unbelievable bedroom.
There is the luggage tag lamp, which I decided to paint black,
and my reclaimed fence turned into wall art.
Got the clip boards for $1.99 each at Target. Then, I printed some images from Graphics Fairy and displayed my fun telegram announcing Everett's birth. Buy your own here.
The kids found a big branch on a walk with dad and it was the perfect size to use as a curtain rod.
The curtains are cloth drop cloths which I just cut off at the bottom and attached with shower curtain rings. Total project was $14.99, including the curtains, rings and brackets to hold the stick.
I think the dresser is my favorite piece in the room.
I made a copycat Ballard board to display some sentimental items. The "Happy Journeys" block print was made by the Everett my Everett is named after.
Here is a ski pass his godfather made for him when he was 1 week old!
I got my big airplane from Hobby Lobby and made little wooden discs with vintage images to hang above the closet.
I am just in love with the room and how it turned out. I spent next to nothing on it....I didn't save receipts or anything, but my guess is under $100.
This was a really big project and now that it is done, I am looking around and wondering, "hmmmm, what next?
P.S. The paint was from WalMart...believe it or not it went on easily and covered great! The color is Cinder Pebble Gray

Great right? I love the rustic, vintage feel and freaking die over those DIY projects!!
 You guys will fall in love with Kim's blog- it's a lot like mine- except she totally ROCKS projects. She has a ton of crafts projects, like this Pottery Barn Typewriter art knock off.

There's super rad DIY's- I mean look at this framed, tufted headboard, it's made from an old fence!

And I die for this dresser!! It only cost her 16 bucks and just look at the after pic!!

Kim also has tutorials {I told you her blog was like mine!} Look at this super amazing Pottery Barn knock off clock. I love the rustic wood!

 I hope you get a chance to stop by, and tell her I sent you!
I'll be back Thursday with my final reveal for the Spring Into Action project!! Eeee!

[PS] I feature YOU GUYS  {my readers} every Monday! Do you have a room makeover- or maybe have a home tour you'd like to share? 
Drop me a email or shoot me a link. Let's see if we can work it out!!  xoxo


  1. I adore this room. The attention to detail is amazing! Beautiful job!

  2. Hey Becca!

    What a lovely idea to show other homes and ideas. I just started blogging a month ago. My first post were pictures of my house (we rebuilded and were done in february). I would love for you to link to the pictures on my blog). As you can imagine i'me very proud of the result. Have a great week!

    Hughs, Pietrik

  3. Becca, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks for all the love and I have to say...right back at ya! Whenever I am browsing a linky party and stumble upon something ridiculously awesome, I often end up here with you. Keep it up sistah-YOU rock!
    xxx Kim

  4. That is such a fun awesome room! And I can't believe how inexpensive it was!

  5. This is an incredible room, I would love a room like this in my home! Looks straight from a magazine cover!!
    Awesome Job!

  6. This room is so cute. I made a lamp shade from the top half of a globe that would look great in this room. Adorable

  7. Super Cute! I went over to check out her blog.


  8. Love love love the room! I woudnt mind it for myself and I am 36 lol

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