March 5, 2012

✥ Giveaway: Ramsign Lettered Sign! ✥

Instead of a Reader Feature this week I thought we'd do a little GIVEAWAY instead!
Ramsign sells porcelain enamel signs and today they're giving away a sign!!
You could totally use them for your home address, but my favorites are the one and two numbered round signs. They feel vintage and cool- I'm especially crushing on the circle plaques.  Wouldn't they be the perfect accent to a boy's room or maybe on a bookshelf?
You can customize the color, the design style, the shape of the sign, the font, and the trim! Dude, that's a lot of options! 
This is a serious deal- 4 number signs cost $99 and our winner gets up to 5 letters for free!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am so excited to pick a winner! Running a giveaway rocks- I love getting to give you guys stuff!! {yay!}

Don't forget to leave your email address on each entry.
Giveaway is worldwide
Giveaway CLOSES March 9th @midnight
Winner will be chosen via Raffelcopter
I will contact them via email and they have 2 days to write me back!


  1. Great giveaway so glad to see its worldwide xxx

  2. Great giveaway! I love these signs!

  3. Cute giveaway...this is something new.

  4. I so love these signs!!! Thank you for the chances to win.


  5. I love their signs -- ooh I hope I win! Thanks!

  6. I have seen these sign so often now but have never been the lucky winner, but I don't give up. I really want one for our little red brick house, it would be perfect. Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  7. I love these signs too, and would love to win one!

  8. Wow! Great give-away! Love to win one of the signs!!

  9. I would love one of these. Not sure where I would put it but I know it would get great use.

  10. I want one - they are adorable.


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