February 5, 2012

✥ Superbowl Sunday ✥

I may live in Utah- but I grew up in Massachusetts.
 I don't know who you guys are rooting for today-but as for me-
"Go Patriots!!"
 One of my very best friends from back East lives out here in UT now, too. She asked me to make her some Patriot shoes for today, so of course I was all about it.
She loved a hand-painted pair online, selling for $300!! These are a pretty decent imitation of those. I used fabric paint and patience! {don't mind the cell phone pics!}

I hope you all enjoy the game today- and don't cry too hard when the Giants get spanked! lol

1 comment:

  1. Oh no way! Those are gorgeous! :) Boston is getting ready today, you can feel the energy in the air :) Go Pats!


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